Monday, July 20, 2009

Well Lukey Here...

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Okay, fine. See, we try to branch out and then we end up dissatisfied with the decision. I guess from now on we should just stick to our collective guns and embrace our well-supported biases.

The reason we chose Mathew Goggin is we thought he stepped it up and we appreciate that. The fits were spot on. We've never thought of him as a particularly savvy clothing guy, but he tried some new stuff and so forth. Plus, we have to admit, we thought our readers might like to see someone else in the spotlight. But just when you thought it was safe to leave the closet, the human clothes-hangers rear their perfectly coifed heads again...

We couldn't even go the whole damn post on another guy without dropping Luke or Camilo, which reminds us that, oh yes, what a shocker: Luke Donald had the best pieces of the week, hands down. The blue windowpane trousers look (top) is probably going to make second half '09 Best Dressed mention and the tartan, cardigan-vest was really cool and appropriate. We felt we should showcase another golfer who was doing his thing, but now we end up back in the same spot as we always do. We even managed to get past Goggin's undershirt, which had been bothering us since we first started collecting images of him. We hate undershirts.

Put Luke Donald next to Goggin and Goggin looks, well...drab. But it just isn't fair - just like putting RLX up against SunIce isn't fair. You try to do your good deed for the day, stand up for the little guy and this is what happens...You're on your own for golf style this evening, I'm heading home. I'm Tom Watson right now - a battered champ. Buy two slim-fit polos and call me in the morning.

P.S. - Goggin was looking okay, wasn't he?



TXQ said...

Who's that knockin',
Goggin at my wardrobe door?
Quoth the KC, nevermore?

Anonymous said...

The undershirt should've kept Goggin out of the post all by itself.

Luke looked pretty good, but the items seemed a bit forced to me. For instance the tartan vest doesn't look like something a twenty something would wear, plus it gives that top heavy look. I find that plaids up top with solid trousers tend to look funny, in my opinion anyway.

Finally while we are talking about RL, are you really not going to post on Tom, KC? Saturday and Sunday were a bit mediocre, but Thursday and Friday... spot on! Loved the argyle sweater with the violet polo underneath. Loved the classic heavy chalk stripe pants on Friday with the half zip sweater, that appeared to be a lambswool or something of that nature, and then the deep purple polo that goes so well with grey (that outfit should be the touchstone for all middle-age golfers - and us younger guys couldn't go wrong with it either). Saturday that sweater looked a bit like it was in his closet in 1992, but Sunday was just a clean look that could have easily come out of Luke's closet.

The Khaki Crusader said...

Ask and you shall receive, FP.

The Khaki Crusader said...

As far as Luke looking forced in any of those items, I see your point, but find it hard to agree. I think for the occasion the tartan was well-done. Plenty of 20-somethings wear plaids in various forms on the course and off.