Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Power to Heel?

The New 2010 JL Golf Bridge - Up Close and Personal...

The leather on these babies is some of the softest I've felt on a golf shoe and the outsole looks pretty evolved for, what many 
would consider, a "fashion" offering.  

They really are quite impressive.

You can pre-order them here. Act fast. You know JL fans...A real hair-trigger bunch...


Thursday, September 24, 2009

I.J.P. -- A Leg Up on the Competition?

(Photo the property of IJP Designs/sourced from the Apparel Wire/AP Photo)

While we've never been huge into tartans at the KC, we can give props to a lad-in-plaid -- and Ian Poulter is one who deserves it. His dedication to the clothing company that bears his name has produced a quite impressive collection in only its fifth season of production.

When Poults and his team design the collections for IJP Designs, they start below the waist-- with Poulter's infamous tartan trousers (bootleg, of course) -- and coordinate the color palettes for the remaining pieces.

IJPD puts out 3 custom tartans per season and the cut sheets above are the A/W 2009 selections. From left to right: jet black/plum, Bugatti blue/indigo and marshmallow/mocha. Tasty. The golf tees represent coordinating polos, jumpers etc. from the collection.

In our opinion, Poulter should just cut through the BS right now and sign Ryo Ishikawa to wear his clothing -- its going to happen somewhere down the road anyway and he'd move serious units in Japan with the 'Bashful Prince' on the payroll.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


(Photos the property of the Associated Press/Reuters Pictures and Getty Images)

Is it just us or has Serg regained his sartorial form in the second half of 2009? The creativity, the tonal combinations, the textures, the flair, the playoff beard (??) - all back, after a un-inspirational start this year in the clothing category.

Who knows whether it was Sergio's problems off the course that led to a lull in his selections, or maybe the Adidas team was on an extended holiday and Sergio was left without direction...we'll never know...

Coincidence that his best finishes have come in the second half of the year and he was only 8 spots out of the Tour Championship after seemingly an afterthought for much of the season? We're thinking not...Lookin' good, feelin' good, hittin' em good, baby...

Cool Dunning(s)

(Photos the property of Dunning and the Associated Press)

We really like the philosophy behind Canadian manufacturers Dunning Sportswear - prep lineage infused with the latest performance technology and crafted using the best materials out there.

The clothing really looks great on the back of Zach Johnson, their posterboy on Tour. (Who can forget the royal blue tech-vest layered over a polo and performance top at the Masters in '07?)
Zach's look is always clean, crisp and trim, without stepping too far into the 'fashion' fold.

As Dunning might tell you, he retains that "classic country club heritage." This philosophy can be found in their trousers collections, which showcase materials ranging from cashmere/wool blends to performance stretch cotton/poly/lycra.

For the new spring 2010 collection, we've been given yet another reason to choose Dunning: their 1960's inspired Performance Tour Slim-Fit Polos. ($75)

We have yet to try one on, but these look like real winners. They come in an array of cool-hued solids - definitely check out the 'Palmer' - an ode to Arnie in vibrant lavender. Dunning describes the cut as "narrow in the shoulders and torso, while featuring a mid-bicep sleeve length and Tour logo details."

The best way to pick up Dunning products in the U.S. is through their online store. The S/S 2010 collections are now available for purchase and the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the materials and construction.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Icon: Setting the Record Straight

(Photo the property of FootJoy/Acushnet)

I was going over archived material today and realized that I mentioned several times that the Icon would never be the shoe the Classic was. (I know FootJoy does not want me to compare them or say that the Icon replaced the Classic, but as the Icon is the new flagship - comparisons are inevitable, sorry boys and girls...)

I wanted to clarify after now playing many rounds in the Icon that it is, by far, the best golf shoe I've ever worn  in terms of comfort and performance - a step above the Classic DP without question. But I was especially feeling like an idiot when a new pair of Classic Tours I had ordered on closeout arrived. They look like fricking clown shoes compared to the sleek top line and contours of the Icon. And since I author a blog on golf fashion, you can imagine how much aesthetics mean to me...

I wanted to first apologize for doubting the good folks at FootJoy - for announcing that they were making an error with this new design. I also wanted to note that the KC was especially hasty in denouncing these "filthy Icons" as the "Classic Killer." The Classic will live on as one of the greatest shoes of all time - but the advances made in the Icon are necessary for the updated game and fashions we see on the course today. 

I'll admit, as a closet genius and links fashion maven, I'm rarely wrong...but I did the ol' FJ clan wrong and, in an attempt not to become a golf style version of Kanye West, all I can say is that I hope our recent stellar review of the Icon put all previous statements and notions to bed. 


Imada Money!

(Photo the property of the Associated Press)

Our man Ryuji has been struggling this year, no top tens and just 700k in winnings. All those greenbacks must be going towards hair gel instead of clothing, because he's been a chronic repeat-look offender. (Yes, we know he gets his clothes for free and they aren't costing him any $$, it just made for a good line.) Quick, what's different about the above photo from the linked photo at the British?!.....Yep, you got it - the visor. Good eye. We're looking for interns...

In seriousness, however, this does happen to be that oh so fickle time where players are holding a bunch of the clothing they've worn the previous spring and summer and sponsors have yet to ship them their fall stuff - so naturally we may see some repeats. Ryuji, like all of us, has his favorites and he wasn't shy about bringing some back out - even on the major stage. 

This brings up an interesting point and something that we here at the KC try to live by: help yourself by having a versatile closet, heavy on neutrals, that can easily be worn interchangeably without notice. Of course you'll have your patterns and your more memorable brights - but if you wear the powder blue trousers over and over, people will know it's the same pair of pants - whereas you could fool folks with repeats in black, white, khaki - even gray, etc... Just something to think about. And your versatile golf wardrobe will match those fancy new JL kicks, so we've just answered that question for you too...You're welcome...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

KC First Look: JL Shoes

(Photos the property of J. Lindeberg/Trendygolf)

J. Lindeberg, being the lifestyle brand that it is, was more than due for its own shoe release to compliment the apparel collections. Come next spring, the wait is over. JL introduces several models of golf shoes that, in black and white, effortlessly play their way into most fashionable player's wardrobes. It goes without saying (so we will) that they are heavy on euro-styling and not for everyone - but true JL followers will want to add a pair of these to their arsenal. They are available for Spring 2010 pre-order at the U.K. arm of Trendygolf.com -- Yours for 85 Euros now and 85 Euros on delivery.

While you're on the site, make sure to check out the JL by Vega iron sets, also available for spring 2010 pre-order. Now your clubs can look as smart as you. Imagine that.

Hopefully JL will request a KC Shoe review...C'mon, everyone's doing it. Let's face it, you're no one until the KC reviews you...Perhaps that's taking it a bit far, but hey, we're dramatic guys.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Belt Brilliance!

(Photos the property of the Associated Press/Newsis)

There is no worse a golf fashion faux pas than waist-ing creativity on a bland belt. Some great options from last week's play include an exotic-skin club belt from Matty Kuchar, a fuchsia/white ribbon belt from Ryo Ishikawa and a carbon-fiber effect strap from Hunter Mahan. (Click on photos for a closer look.)

This fall, expect to see a continuation of focus on thoughtful accessories - from custom color FJ Icons to all-new belts and buckles from an array of manufacturers.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Whitewash: Get 10% Off at TrendygolfUSA!!

(Photos the property of the Associated Press and Sports Illustrated)

Here at the KC, we think certain fashion rules are meant to be broken, or at least bent beyond recognition. The old adage that one should keep whites in the closet after Labor Day is one of those pesky ones and particularly cumbersome to the fashion-forward golf set. In fact, many of golf's sartorial heavyweights pay it no mind whatsoever...

When Camilo Villegas entered the final round at last September's BMW Championship with the lead, the Colombian clothes horse didn't feel the need to check the calendar before choosing his signature white-on-white. A week later, he chose all-white in the final round, again - for his 2nd Tour win over Sergio at East Lake.

What can we understudies take from these examples? A) Set trends, don't follow them. Fashion rules can hinder creativity on the course. B) Wear your whites proudly year round!

The fashion experts over at TrendygolfUSA agree wholeheartedly with us - in fact they're willing to offer a special "White Weekend" offer on all J. Lindeberg white apparel in celebration of Camilo, the BMW Championship and all things white!

From Friday afternoon (9/11) through Sunday evening (9/13) KC readers will receive 10% off white items, like the
Cal Mixed Fieldsensor, by entering the promo code: WHITEWKND at checkout. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What We Can Learn From Mr. Luxe

(Photos the property of Getty Images/The Associated Press)

Phil Mickelson is the PGA Tour's undisputed King of Luxe and the difference is all in the details. Phil, being the massive earner he is, can afford the finer things - like custom, bespoke polos, elegantly tailored, pinstriped trousers and exotic skin belts and shoes. Most of us do not have that kind of spending power, especially to dedicate to our golf wardrobes. So...for the everyman that doesn't have a grand to drop on a belt, what can we take from Phil's bag o' tricks? 

It's all about having a quality item that jumps. Build your look around an accessory like a rich-looking alligator belt or a solid, bold colored golf polo. Go head-to-toe white with a bright polo like Phil does in the above photo. Mix hues of brown in your accessories, try new combinations and colors, order a pair of custom golf trousers with your own touches. Have fun with it. Phil does.   


(Photos the property of the Associated Press, Puma, Trendygolf, Sligo/Fairwaystyles)

Hello, all you fine, golf style people. It's nice to be back. We've got a lot on deck this month and have been busy checking out all the new clothing for fall/winter.
Our first impressions? The attention to detail has been brought to the next level with companies trying to out-tech each other and score points for creativity. The amount of great golf apparel out there is only growing and it is exciting to watch.

Perennial KC favorites have come out swinging as usual; Puma, J. Lindeberg and RLX have already debuted a bunch of new apparel that offers what we like to call progressive familiarity - tweaking old favorites that keep customers coming back - while slipping in new and exciting additions to the lineup.
Graphic polos are huge right now in fall collections. Graphic and print-happy golfers can get their fill with the JL, Nike and Sligo offerings pictured above.

The crowned prince of prints and patterns, however:
Puma. Geoff Ogilvy has more geometry on his mind than an MIT freshman. Puma has been churning out its beloved geometrically focused polos and knits to a receptive younger demographic for several years now and they are sticking to what has worked.

Lindeberg, meanwhile, sheds last fall's more muted offerings - bringing out the bright yellows, corals and deep blues. It's nice to see them back in their golf comfort zone and the result is some great looking stuff.

We have a busy few weeks here and will be checking back in frequently with updates. Among the things to come: A trip to Ralph Lauren to catch up with the Polo Golf and RLX teams, lots of exclusive news on the new fall 2009 and spring 2010 collections, hopefully some gear reviews and much more!