Thursday, July 23, 2009

Poetry Thursday at The KC ----- Featuring: Icon, a Haiku and a Poem Entitled "Waiting..."

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"Pros wearing Icons

Blacks, whites, browns, nineteen new styles

Oh, I want a pair..."



We've been waiting on the Icon,

for what seems like half a year.

Rory, Luke and Ian have pairs,

all we can do is leer.

We've been waiting on the Icon

it's really quite a bummer.

I call my rep, I check the blog:

"You can pre-order for mid-summer..."

Well c'mon FootJoy it's late July,

By our count, enough time's gone by.

So send a box, FedEx to me;

name: Khaki Crusader, for short: KC

We hope this doesn't take too long

We're running low on humor.

Besides, if you don't act real fast,

I'll place a call to Puma...

And you don't want ya?

1 comment:

TXQ said...

A rhyme with good reason -- your getting the golf shoes you want.