Monday, July 13, 2009

Sticking It to the Script?

(Image the property of Nike Golf)

If you happened to pick up a copy of the New York Times yesterday or check out NY Times online, you, like us, were probably pumped to see a feature on golf apparel. But the revelations that Bill Pennington unveiled in this story and possibly intrigued casual fans were no surprise to golf apparel insiders: Top golfers do not dress themselves - specifically at the four majors.

If you think it was particularly nice how those gray pants Tiger wore looked with the lavender striped polo, well, Tiger may have said he liked the individual pieces - given his "O.K." - but the look, and every other pairing Mr. Woods wears, was put together by marketing and apparel design teams for Nike Golf. In today's world of complete and total media exposure, we do not find this shocking and neither should you. The right clothes may not make the man, but they will make your company piles of cash. Hardly breaking news for the Sunday Times.

Also, in the defense of this website, which places such importance on style and its association with our great game, let it be said that no golfer would ever stride to the first tee in anything they didn't fully enjoy wearing. They're choosing the clothing in the end. And extra props go to the guys without clothing deals, Phil, Ryan Moore, Adam Scott - no one is telling them what to wear.

(For the record, KC did a feature on the scripting for JL, Nike and Puma athletes prior to the US Open and Masters in June and April, respectively.)


TXQ said...

Some scripts were made to be scrapped, and in JD's case even rejected by the scrap heap.

Heather said...

Adam Scott is definitely capable of dressing himself quite well!

JD may have a different take on things, but I think his new look suits him.

I feel your pain KC, but remember imitation is the highest form of flattery--besides vertical stripes.

Nada Klu said...

I seriously doubt that bare-midriff that Nike's showing in those four pics will catch on with the public.