Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Coolest Rainsuit in the Game?

(Photo the property of Ralph Lauren RLX)

The functionally-minded folks over at Ralph Lauren may have outdone themselves with this new addition to the RLX lineup: The Bluetooth jacket/rainsuit. The jacket was originally designed for Luke Donald at this year's British Open Championship and following the conclusion of the year's third major, should be on shelves now.

Done in classic Blackwatch plaid, the jacket will surely turn heads on a stylistic level; but the coolest feature is the Bluetooth technology that allows you to control your iPod or other device through the touchpad on the left-hand sleeve.

I remember Zegna doing a similar thing a couple years back with a ski/snowboard jacket from their Sport line, but I have to believe this is a first for the golf market.

I had a lightweight Patagonia jacket with a zippered chest pocket that I used to stash my iPod in when I'd go out for late-afternoon, solo rounds. I love the idea. I'm not sure how many golfers warm up or play practice rounds with their iPods, but given my generation's attachment to their MP3 players, the number must be quite high.

Let us know your MP3 habits when it comes to golf, we'd love to know what everyone is doing...As I'm sure would RLX.

The best thing about this jacket, to us, is its streetwear appeal. With the popularity of plaids in today's market, you can wear this thing anywhere and be totally appropriate and stylish.



TXQ said...

All the songs on my iPod are way better than all the songs on the iPods of the rest of the foursome.

Before you forward this to RLX I could attach a few songs if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

First of all, that rainsuit is awesome!

Secondly I do practice on occasion with my ipod, but only on the range, chipping, putting, etc. These days all the high school and college players have the headphones on while practicing.

kokogirl said...

I usually play with hubby or kids, so I do not bring the ipod. But I do wear a lot of Patagonia stuff for golf. Patagonia has great technical fabrics and they fit very well. I have a lot of undergarments/base layers and a few fleece pieces as well.

And yes, that is one cool rainsuit.

Heather said...

Dearest Ralph,

Women dig Black Watch too!