Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Honorable Mentions From the 2009 Midseason "Looks of the Year"

(All photos the property of Getty Images/AP Photos)

If you folks like any of these more and feel they should have made the finals, let it be known...Also leave me any players/looks you liked from the first half of the season that I've left out. (Click on each photo to view original size)


Dano said...

excellent follow-up, KC. my vote goes for imada, however on the left out list jacobson gets the nod perhaps a tie with the augusta green donald.

well done, KC!

Chief Can't-Read-Label said...

Stenson's definitely the underdog.

Rob Roth said...

Where is Ian Poulter in the Pink Pants for breast cancer?

klehrkeyes said...

Left out ....John Dalys hideous pants and bright shirts. He hasnt made his mark on this years fedex cup list but he is defiantly burning some retinas. Defiantly a "look" of a half season.

Charley Hoffman. Green Glove, Goofy Pants, Great Golfer, Huge Ass. Not to mention his flow. That blonde mop looks as if it was last combed in the early 90's. Certianly another look. If ive learned anything from KC its not what but how or how with what.

One more I might add albeit Im a year late, was Ben Curtis's Reebok Football look. Original and interesting to see every week with the local teams.

...I guess the last one doesnt count just my two cents.



Brant said...

Doesn't Drew Weaver get another nod for at least an honorable mention... yes it was only one tournament... but ya gotta love the guy!

BT - Augusta, GA