Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ryuji Imada - Practice Round - The Memorial

(Photo the property of AP Photos)

Ryuji owned this one. First off, the light blue trouser looks fantastic with the red visor - perfect play. This is something I had written about previously and a hot color-combo this year. Secondly, I developed a rather serious crush on this belt.

Ryuji is underrated, but at the KC we make sure he gets his well-deserved praise for mastery over the golf wardrobe. No one mixes in cool elements like he does. The braided belts (another choice for "look of the year" was his purple-on-purple at the Masters) are my favorite touch.


Gus Groaner said...

"Secondly, I developed a rather serious crush on this belt."

Firstly, forget about that crush of yours on that belt. It just wouldn't work out. That's a cinch.

ashgolf said...

Ryuji is underrated as is the color powder blue. I am starting to crush on that belt too, BTW.

Nada Klu said...

KC, should you have a midseason night's dream about that belt tonight, I figure it would be a loopy comedy, even though there'd be holes in the story.

Naria says it would be a tragedy if I sent this in as a comment.

I suppose that makes it a tragicomedy.

Fancy Pants said...

This one gets my honorable mention. I like the pants and belt, has a nice clean traditional look. The only flaw is the polo... just needs a little something. Maybe a different cut or style, the white is fine.

The Khaki Crusader said...

With you FP. I'm not crazy about the cut of Lacoste polos. If you put Ryuji in a more aggressive cut, like a JL or RLX, he would look all the better. He's got a very similar build to Luke.