Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Phil Mickelson - The Players Championship

(Photo the property of Getty Images)

This photo was taken in the wake of the heated white belt controversy, which culminated somewhere around The Masters. Personally I think, colorwise, this is one of the best looks on Tour this year. I love how the deeeep royal Q'aja polo with the white accents picks up the belt, hat and shoes. There is most definitely a traffic jam on I-71 into Cleveland. It's full, baby. I love most how Phil put up with all the crap surrounding his '09 sartorial choices and stuck it out because he knew they looked better and guess what, people have come around. I was stuck between this and Phil's look during the 1st round at Quail Hollow with the green gator. That's a definite honorable mention.


Chief Gimme-a-Break said...

Can't stop that traffic into Cleveland, but surely it should be ticketed if worn off-course.

Anonymous said...

Phil should win best look of the year for this - not to mention most improved over some of his older, baggier stuff.

Shane Combs said...

Hands down,Phil has my vote.Plus,you know that I am a "House of Fleming" fan.


Fancy Pants said...

Prefer that brown shirt with white/cream slacks combo he's been wearing.