Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flipping the Script...

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Remember that horrible Ashworth scripting for Sean O'Hair at the British Open? Well, it appears Sean wasn't having it. At least on Saturday. O'Hair left the underwhelming selections in his script for a much better Caribbean-blue sweater and similarly hued shirt. Does Sean O'Hair read the KC? We'll never know - unless of course he leaves a comment. Don't be bashful, Sean...

This also reiterates the fact that the player has the final say in this matter of scripting. I can imagine the exchange went something like this:

Sean: Okay, guys. What do you have for me for the Open?

Team Ashworth: Well, for Saturday we have this beautiful diagonal stripe, self-collar shirt in 'port.'

Sean: (Wipes drool from the corner of his mouth and retches) How the hell am I supposed to learn good taste when you can't even give it to me? Huh? That KC guy is going to be all over me!

Team Ashworth: Sean, we're terribly sorry. We do have a nice, blue crewneck sweater for you instead, if you'd prefer...?

Sean: That's actually pretty nice. I'd much rather wear that. Thank you. (Leaves, visibly shaken.)

Team Ashworth: We really need to do something about this KC character...Either that or pick better clothing...fast.


Anonymous said...

Still fits like a bag.

TXQ said...

De-plaining at O'Hair, huh?

Should you do a follow-up to this scripting issue via a post about a pro who wears whatever his sponsor tells him to wear, a headline-in-waiting: The Script Keeper.

Or perhaps yet another Goggin post with the headline: Nondescript.

Your call, KC.

The Khaki Crusader said...

Amen, Fancy Pants