Friday, May 29, 2009

Inside the Ropes

(Photo borrowed from Getty Images)

JD: "Ya know, Darren, we're probably the last two wild pants wearin', tobacco smokin' fools out here..."

DC: "Ta be honest John, those neon pants I wore added at least 10 lbs."

JD: "Guess I should consider myself lucky then, that I was born with this statuesque figure..."

Give 'em (s)hell boys

(Photo borrowed from the Associated Press, J.D. Pooley)

There's puka shell necklaces on the golf course again. Must be NCAA D1 Men's finals time. Something tells me you wouldn't need those SC logos to figure out where Tom Glissmeyer (above) is from. (Hint: surf's up) This is already a sh*tty post. 
At the KC we love college golf, there's something so pure about it. We always wanted to play D1, but our bulging social schedules left barely enough room for a D3 program. Cue the waves of nostalgia. They'll pass, they always do...OSU Cowboys on top at Inverness going into Friday's final day of medal play.  


Finding Mr. White

(Photo borrowed from the Associated Press, Donna McWilliam)

Anthony Kim undoubtedly wears white trousers more than anyone else on Tour. (Camilo is probably in second.) Here at the KC we not only like it, but dammit we respect it...We just wish those Nike polos were a little less Roland Garros and a little more Colonial CC. Ya know? Scroll to the photo and look at Kim from the waist up. Screams tennis to me. The mesh webbing on the hats, the space age back detailing on the polos...I guess that's kind of the direction many apparel brands are going - Nike, Adidas, Puma - it's all Lindeberg's fault for introducing sweatbands to the golf course and making these guys think golf is a real sport. Hrumph. 


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Capping off the victory...

(Photos courtesy of the Associated Press and Cannon/Getty Images, all rights reserved)

Paul Casey should send Alvaro Quiros a big box of baseball caps. Why you ask? When Quiros leaves the straw hat at home in favor of the more traditional headwear, Paul wins. You think I'm kidding, right? In two tournaments this year, the ball-bashing Spaniard has worn his Callaway baseball cap. Last week's BMW at Wentworth and the Shell Houston Open the week prior to Augusta. And who was posing with the oversize check those 2 weeks? You got it - Mr. Casey.  

"Pink Out" for Amy

(Image borrowed from AP Photos)

Colonial CC will be a sea of pink on Saturday, as the PGA Tour Wives Association has circulated a memo asking tour players and their spouses to wear the official color of breast cancer research and fund raising efforts in their continued support for Amy Mickelson. (As most of you know, Phil won at Colonial last year.) 
Should be a really powerful statement - I look forward to it. I'm guessing many pros will wear a pink ribbon and leave it at that, but I think we may see some creativity as well. I'm crossing my fingers for an IJP final round at Winged Foot in '06 revisited. 


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Twitter me this...

Digitally, we're a bunch of filthy old Trads here at the KC. That being said, we couldn't hold off any longer...We've entered the world of Twitter. We look forward to many, many hours spent in unadulterated self-indulgence. 

Check us out HERE

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Old News

(Photos borrowed from the Associated Press)

Taking in some of the third round coverage of the Byron Nelson on Saturday, I was surprised when Gary McCord and several others made quite the point to discuss John Mallinger's "western"/jean style pants. (Above, below) Now, I love when apparel is discussed on air, but hasn't the golf world been conditioned to these 5 pocket designs by now? After the buzz of Justin's trousers at the '08 Masters (above, top) everyone is making them and most of the young guys have at least given them a go-round. Not sure if McCord was more fishing for a line (he made a crack about the size of the back pockets) or if he was actually oblivious to how many players wear them. "Most guys just reach for a pair of gabardines" just isn't true anymore - we aren't talking about the Champions Tour. If commentators are discovering this for the first time, great...but make note of it. We need our trusty voices clued in not only to trends in play and statistics, but also to trends of the aesthetic nature. If you've ever watched TV golf coverage for 5 hours straight, you'll quickly learn that visuals like what the players are wearing become major talking points in a sport where the walking and standing far outnumber the actual 'athletic' movements. 


Monday, May 25, 2009

Who will bag Scott?

(Photo borrowed from the Associated Press via ESPN)

Adam Scott is still logo-less these days, continuing to sport Burberry duds without an apparel deal. It consistently amazes me how someone hasn't come to the table with an attractive offer for the Aussie who is surely one of the most sought after billboards on Tour. (Even with his lackluster play as of late) 
Apparel heads at the PGA Show in January almost had a conniption when the buzz hit that Scott may be Mont Blanc'ing with Ashworth, surely a conflict of interest as Ashworth is owned by Taylormade/Adidas and Scott is a Titleist/Footjoy man. (Acushnet) 
Titleist, in early April, joined forces with high-end clothing provider Peter Millar, with Titleist pros like Chuckie Hoffman now wearing Millar gear adorned with FJ, PM and Titleist logos. But Scott? No dice. He's been dancing in Ryan Moore land for the past few months. We find it hard to believe that no one wants a piece of the guy who just months ago was on the pages of US Weekly strolling with Kate Hudson. Is Adam's asking price too high to justify his recent play? Should that even matter? We at the KC can't be sure, but you can bet we will find out.  

Friday, May 22, 2009

Old dogs, new tricks etc.

(Photo borrowed from Getty Images via

I caught an hour or so of the Byron Nelson yesterday and I was taken with particular interest by Stuart Appleby's golf shirt. He was wearing a rather nice fitting, white colorblock polo with a fuchsia detailing across the back and shoulder. My immediate reaction is always to look for a logo to identify the apparel sponsor, but in this case, I already knew: Stuart wears Cutter and Buck. 

Now, I had long ago written off C+B from my peripheral based on illicit memories of garbage bag sized shirts that required me rolling up the sleeves several times to reach my desired length. When I was at the International Junior Golf Academy in Hilton Head, I played in a local tournament and finished 2nd, scoring roughly 350 dollars in pro shop credit. Due to their selection ranging from Cutter to Buck, I was saddled with several new shirts and such is how my dilemma and ensuing write-off of the brand commenced. 

That being said, back to yesterday's sudden curiosity - I immediately cued up the Cutter and Buck website

It appears that the line of CB Drytec poly-blend polos, with their younger and more modern styling, is their answer to the evolving demands of guys like Stuart. I checked out the selection and the shirts seem to settle somewhere between Adidas Climacool and Bobby Jones - if that makes any sense. There are some distinctly successful designs, like the shirt Stuart wore on Thursday, but many are predictably uninspired. The question remains the fit - has C+B cut their new offerings in that overly generous way that I remember aka was Stuart wearing an XS? Or does new attitude manifest itself into new sizing? I'll have to delve into further recon to bring you an answer to that question. 

As many of you are familiar, Cutter and Buck - to their credit - has also released a collection in the past few years called CBUK - which offers slimmer fits, more aggressive detailing and aims at the younger golfing set. But the offerings are honestly quite limited and I can't help but think when I look at CBUK, "If Fred Durst played golf...." (He very well may...)

I'm always happy to hear that classic apparel companies are updating their collections to meet the needs of modern golfers, but you can't swim the English Channel with one hand on the dock, mate. Jump in, get wet, put the proper people in charge and churn out some successful clothing. Stuart's shirt on Thursday was a glimpse into what could be. Make it so. 


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Medicine for my soul...

(AP Photo by Amy Sancetta)

After a slight bout with nausea following the Daly post, I need to wash it down with a swig of classic Watson in Polo argyle. Ahhhh... That's better. Tom is at the Senior PGA Championship this week and no one in Beachwood, Ohio is looking better than him on Thursday. I'll be fine thanks. 

...late nights, booty calls and shiny disco balls on John Daly's pants

(AP Photo by T. Hevezi)

Everyone has been asking me about JD's Loudmouth (TM) pants and I've never given in to the temptation to allow the saga any airtime. However, at the end of the day it's really a fantastic thing for golf - everywhere I turn non-golfers are tuning into sports news sites to see what JD has worn next - and most importantly, for Daly. He's been playing well in Europe, albeit looking like the bastard child of Ted Nugent and Bozo the Clown. If you are, for any reason including temporary insanity, interested in a pair of these "disco balls" pants from Loudmouth golf, here is the link. They even offer a trimmer "Euro fit," (Yay) and you can really complete the look with a matching Apres golf jacket in the same fabric. God help me...and you if you wear these. I'm already embarrassed at my own actions. Bye.


The KC's Latest Obsession

(Image borrowed from

It's funny, since we were just talking about customization that I neglected to mention my latest obsession - the Ralph Lauren "Create Your Own Tournament Golf Polo."  It's an easy and affordable way to build a collection of golf polos that is all your own. You choose your preferred size, color, choice of monogram or polo pony and embroidery color. Hey it isn't a bespoke polo, but for 85 bucks its pretty damn cool. I will say they should offer more color selection - a few notables are missing - red, pink - and should offer striped polos as well. Either way, it's not a bad way to kill 10 minutes at work debating the merits of Harbor Island Blue VS. Diver Orange. Plus you have RL statesman DL3 at your service, standing by to try on anything you whip up. Could be worse...And yes, that's a "KC" on Davis' shirt, I told you we had friends in high places...


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet the ICON

(Image borrowed from and Property of Getty/Cannon Images)

Footjoy's new flagship shoe the ICON is officially in play on the PGA Tour. Many of FJ's best (Davis, Camilo, Ian, David Toms) were showing off the new shoe at the Players, like Ian's asymmetrical white design above. The shoes will officially be available to the public mid-summer according to reps at FJ, and are available for pre-order on the website.

Footjoy, in designing the ICON, planned on incorporating many of the best features of its current shoe lineup into a sort of super shoe. According to FJ VP Jack Erickson, the ICON takes styling cues on the uppers from the former Classics while utilizing superior water-proofing from the DryJoys line and fit and stability features from the SYNR-G's. The Frankenstein of golf shoes if you will. You can read the interview with Erickson, aka the "Classic Killer" here. (That's a joke Jack)

Footjoy will offer 19 styles in some combination of white, black or brown and then the fun part begins: You'll be able to unleash your inner Picasso on the ICON in the MyJoy creation studio. Clearly, this was the intent all along - getting a full customization option for FJ's top of the line shoe, which will put FJ undisputedly at the forefront once again, where they feel most comfortable.

The name of the game with the ICON is a little something for everyone; a classically engineered, traditionalist friendly shoe with just enough modern bells and whistles to satisfy the technology crazed set. A shoe that all generations can enjoy equally and hey, it's 100 bucks cheaper than the Classic - so it's recession friendly as well.

So I guess you probably want to know what we think of the ICON? First reaction was one of excitement, I love how many all white designs are offered in the stock lineup - the shield toe/wingtip all white is really cool. However, we already miss the rich brown leather soles of the Classic, the soles on these are a bit too reminiscent of the Classic Tour for us, which we honestly never liked. The "last" appears sleeker than the Classics, which is a nice change, but we really have to put on a pair before we go making early calls...Also, can someone please let Footjoy know that the BOA laceless system and it's horrific dial-a-fit nub should not be allowed anywhere near the backs of their top shoe.

Check out all the links above and drop us a line at the KC, we'd like to take stock on what our readers think of FJ's new darling.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Throwback: Socks

(Photo borrowed from Photos on the Fairway)

Golf is unique in the fact that it is a sport and a game where its participants can choose from the entire worldly spectrum of hoisery, from dark wool or cotton dress socks, to argyle and check patterns all the way to white or black sport peds. While Phil Mickelson may choose a dark dress sock, a Poulter or Villegas usually chooses a sportier cut - it is all about preference. 

At the KC we've worn every type of sock imaginable to play golf, cashmere, wool, cotton - you name it. Whatever we have on hand is what we're wearing. For the amateurs who play in shorts, the decision is really as simple as crew or ped (in black or white) while those golfers playing in trousers have a wider range of colors and fabrics to choose from. 

Julius Boros in the above photo displays what we feel to be one of the best looking combinations out there: neutral trouser, all white pristine shoe with the contrast of a dark sock - Preferably a charcoal gray or midnight blue. The white shoe with the dark sock is so elegant and makes a statement without using color or pattern. We really could go on for days about it.

Socks are a very personal item. They can tell people as much or as little about you as you care to display. Make no mistake that in golf it is an important choice: every time you swing, the world will see your socks. 


---The KC's favorite you ask? Marcoliani Milano cotton socks and Footjoy peds. The former for trousers, the latter for wearing with shorts. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anyone for some Customization?

(Photos borrowed from Q'aja Couture/Associated Press and Reuters Photos)

It's all about customization these days. Now that luxury is so accessible, individuals who want to stand apart are constantly looking to invest in a 'one off the line' product that is exclusively theirs. Plus, let's face it, one of the most exciting parts about custom items is the fact that you, yourself, have a hand in the design. For those of us with a fetish for this crap, that experience alone is magical enough for us to get out the Visa. 

As popular as golf apparel is in America and the world, 99 percent of individuals buy off the peg clothing and away they go to the tee without a care in the world. Much golf apparel, while improving in fit, has gotten rather sporty (If you need an example of this, look at Sergio's pieces from Adidas in '09, or think Anthony Kim's Nike offerings) and with it has gone the feel of classic clothing, per se. In menswear, when you lose that element of "classic clothing" - out with it goes the ideal of a 'bespoke' experience. The materials become technologically advanced and, while the fit is tailored, you don't think tailored garment when you see a pair of water-resistant Lindeberg Troon golf pants. 

The old boys at the KC wanted to get together to show you what is out there if you're looking for custom golf apparel and accessories that have that more classic feel for all the traditionalists with a few extra bucks and a dream of total control over their sartorial destinies. 

Q'aja Couture - Since I've done write-ups on Tony "The Tailor" Q'aja in the past, I'll save you the rant; Tony started making custom golf trousers for Darren Clarke and the rest is history. Tony's finery can be seen on the lower halves of Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood, Darren, Sam Torrance, Richard Green, Scott Piercy, Charlie Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson etc. 
Tony, a tailor by trade, gives you the true Savile Row 'bespoke' experience. He will make you a pair of custom golf slacks and you will be involved in every element. He'd probably let you come down to his shop on Canary Wharf in London and sew a few stiches, but I wouldn't recommend that. Prices depend on fabric of course, if you get the cashmere blend, you'll have to pay for it. 

What the KC is most excited about is Tony's new service: The 'bespoke polo.' Although Tony hasn't been taking much credit for it - he's actually in the middle of one of golf apparel's biggest current buzz topics with regards to Phil Mickelson's golf shirts; Tony makes them. They are Q'aja bespoke polo shirts and, Phil controversy aside, they are really gorgeous. The customer selects a collar, body style, fabric color, stiching color, piping color, piping style, gets a few basic measurements and a few weeks later you have a one of a kind polo - in SPF 50 poly material, no less, with cool wool lining (gives you warmth in the cold and cools you down in the heat.) Now the price - $180 US, but if you're buying Lindeberg or another premium brand shirt for 100 bucks plus, it doesn't seem like much of a step up to create a totally unique product. Tony and his team will introduce this service formally very soon. Check his website for details. 

Now don't think the US is left behind in the custom department. Elevee Golf, the official supplier to the 2009 President's Cup team, also specializes in 'custom' trousers. Elevee has gotten a following on Tour with guys who prefer a little more classic, full-fitting trouser, maybe a pleat, or flat-fronted with a slit at the base. Mike Weir, Jerry Kelly, Bill Haas, Pat Perez, Tommy Armour and others sport Elevee. 

The "Build your own golf pant" process at Elevee (from what I can see) is not as customized as at Q'aja. You choose your pant style or a short (time to take the triple pleat out boys) and then you choose your fabric and styling options (lined/unlined, pocket placement and detailing, waist band styling etc.) No say on the actual fit and no measuring process. They have a large amount of fabrics in anything from Super 130's Nail-heads to Fuschia twills, not to mention seersuckers and corduroys. The pants run from $295 to $395, depending, as always, on fabric chosen. Given the lack of fit options however, where does this leave the custom-crazed golfer who is built like Charles Howell? Out in the cold I guess. I will say though, that Elevee must offer some sort of fitting/trimming option for smaller guys like Weir, who looks great in the clothing. I'd inquire at the website if you're interested...

Now the accessory game is one where the customization can be had for a smaller price, with no real loss of enjoyment. We all know about the MyJoys option at Footjoy and FJ has promised that full-customization will be available this summer on the shoe that replaces the Classics and Classic DP and Tours. That's surely exciting. 

Belts have been huge in the last few years and it's easier than ever to get into the custom belt game. Two guys who I've used in the past are Simon at Druh Belts and Buckles and Jimmy at Bettinardi/House of Fleming. Simon, who I recently profiled after the Masters, is a recent entry into the world of fashionable leather and exotic skin belts. On his website, you can choose your strap and buckle from a wide variety of colors and choices. Leathers in gator, ostrich and other effects start at $100 with watersnake at $150. You can see Simon's belts on Robert Karlsson and Paul McGinley, as well as many other top professionals. 

House of Fleming meanwhile, is known as the premier custom belt maker in the golf apparel world. Based in Atlanta, HOF can see been on the waists of Sergio, Phil, Poulter and others. The customization process really has no end with HOF, when you call or email, they will allow you to make almost any belt you can imagine. Jimmy aka jcigars on Golf WRX's forums, is a great contact, email him at HOF is known for their hefty pricing on alligator selections for the world's best, but pricing starts at just $65 for white, brown or black leather with custom color stiching. Bright "Italian" colors only bump the pricing to $90, with lizard at $150 and python at $250. Gators go for $500 and up.

Belt buckles, you ask? A good place to start...

Custom really is fun and doesn't have to be as expensive as you'd imagine. Today's off the rack golf clothing is more than adequate, but sometimes the stylish golfer out there is looking for a little something else...If you have any questions for us, as always, send them to the KC Mailbag. It's been a pleasure 'bespoking' with you. If we didn't know better, we'd think that sounded a little dirty, but we do know better, so on your way now...


Monday, May 11, 2009

My parents went to Sawgrass and all I got was this @#$&in' t-shirt...

(All Photos except Byrd (Getty Images) borrowed from AP/Phil Coale/J. Pat Carter)

A few quick sartorial observations from the "5th Major":

-Henrik Stenson is the KC's type of Players Champ. Not only is Stenson always a crisp and classic dresser (he wears white as well as anyone out there, even Camilo) but we just can't forget how he, rather than muddying his well-chosen ensemble, opted to have the entire world see him in his skivvies. This is the mark of a true clothing lover and reserves him a special spot in the heart of the KC team. Congratulations on a fantastic final round Henrik. Want a cut of pant to emulate? Go with Stenson's. They're always perfect.  

-Camilo has been doing alot of solids recently, but in 3 of 4 rounds at Sawgrass, he wore different patterned and striped polos from JL's summer collection. (stripe, argyle, drip) I liked the striped polo on Day 1 the best, I actually saw this on a table downstairs at the Lindeberg store in NYC last week and made a mental note, as the shirt is really a bit different from what we've been getting from JL and I liked the sophistication of the multi-colored striped styling.

-Jonathan Byrd got decent airtime this weekend. I know it's hard to appear anything but iconic in Polo Golf, but I was especially pleased with how Byrd paired looks this week. The way a RL crisp cotton trouser hits a black or brown saddle FJ Classic DP - pure art. 

-Poulter's 2nd place finish kept him in the spotlight. Tim Rosaforte mentioned that Poulter packed 8 white golf shirts for the week, because of the 100 plus degree heat. Are the warm temperatures kryptonite to golf's loud trouser/bright color-sporting Superman?


Saturday, May 9, 2009

PGA Tour/Adidas Over Par with Clothing Promotion

(Borrowed from AP Photo/Phil Coale)

Sergio shot 73 while wearing the fan's choice outfit (above) on Friday at the Players Championship. That was the high point...

As most of you know at the beginning of the year, the PGA Tour and Sergio's apparel sponsor, Adidas, coupled to allow fans to choose the outfit Sergio would wear in Round 2 of the Players. The looks they picked were a far cry from some of the more 'exciting' things El Nino has sported over the years and the end result was a bit of a bore. We at the KC highly doubt that anyone was jumping off the couch at home, going "that's my outfit dad! i picked that!" Sergio has pajamas more thrilling than this.

The idea was a good one, but with the way Serg has been playing, Adidas was probably wishing they put him in head to toe polka dots to spike some interest. Let's work on ratcheting up the excitement guys. Maybe you should pick Jesper or Camilo or even big JD next time - given John's recent sartorial choices, that could be a lot of fun for a lot of people. How about "If Phil enters the final round of a major as the leader, he HAS to wear the white belt?" We live dangerously here at the KC...Lets mess with people's lives.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Gingham Surprise: Jeff Klauk

(AP Photo courtesy of J. Pat Carter)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The KC Ventures Out: Bobby Jones Apparel

Several weeks ago, the nice folks at Hickey Freeman/Hart Schaffner Marx/Bobby Jones invited the KC team to the Bobby Jones showroom to check out the Spring '09 collections. Perched above 5th Avenue in a sun-drenched space, the showroom is really a fantastic spot to talk shop, whether debating the fit of Phil's golf shirts, (on everyone's mind) corporate buying trends at the Masters or the necessary extinction of double-inverted trouser pleats. 

We were fortunate enough to sit with both the menswear and women's designers for the collections and they had some great insight on the current state of the apparel world as it relates to their brand and where they're trying to head in the future. 
Both Julia and Rob explained that Bobby Jones, obviously a traditional and reliable upscale brand, knows it's customers and what they expect: Golf polos in luxurious cottons with roomier fits and that undeniable knit "golfer" placket, great pullovers and classic trousers - all part of the equation that sealed their distinction as the only non-"house brand" sold on the grounds of Augusta National for the Masters. 

Julia explained that even at a stalwart like Bobby Jones, they can't ignore the trending towards more fitted apparel on the course - enter their tech collection which is cut trimmer, with banded sleeves and moisture-wicking fabrics that stay ahead of the curve. Don't expect them to buy a ticket to the polyester show here though...It just isn't them. Their trousers have remained fairly roomy, but they now do flat-front pants and shorts in addition to their pleated offerings. 

The real star for the collection for me is the timeless "sweatshirt" pullovers, they have great seaming details and are soft as can be. There is a navy one with orange trim detail that was my favorite piece. I tried to locate it on their website, but came up empty. 
Julia and Rob also incorporate several Bobby Jones classic sport coats, blazers, suiting, leather jackets and vests. 

A few notes: 
-As of 2008, they have begun designing two price points of shirting; the classic Bobby Jones polos are still made in Italy of the best cotton, however they have introduced a lower price point of both polos and sportswear that is made in Hong Kong, which looks great and is affordable. 
- Bobby Jones also makes a full line of clubs from clubmaker Jesse Ortiz of Orlimar "Tri-Metal" fame. Not to mention watches, scents and other gadgets.

Many thanks to Lisa, Julia and Rob!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spotted: Afternoon tee time on Elizabeth St. - Soho

I was taking a stroll downtown on Wednesday and came across a street vendor hitting what appeared to be plastic "whiffle" golf balls down Elizabeth St. As I got closer, I realized they were empty half pint cartons. He would hit them towards an open trash receptacle on the opposite side of the intersection. The whole scene screamed spring to me and I had to get a shot of it. Not a bad finish either...


Imada suggestions...

Ryuji's newest thing is wearing headgear that pops. They're always complimentary in color to the rest of his look, but never matchy. (You know we can't stand that.) I'll say it again and again, but the reason why Ryuji gets top billing is because he experiments. He tries different color combinations, he introduces new items of clothing into the mix, new details that other guys aren't utilizing...I'm not sure if it's the Japanese influences, but he has perfected the balance of sporty/preppy/tech which is kind of the ideal for a young fashion-forward golfer.  

A note on the red visor photo above from a practice round for this week's Players: This pairing of bold red with soft blue - I've seen it done several times now and I think it's a fantastic look. Lindeberg styled a few of its models for the 2009 S/S golf apparel with vibrant red shirts and light blue trousers and I noticed, but then when I saw Ryuji taking it to the course this week in a similar ensemble, I had to mention it. The way Ryuji has done it above, I like better, as the white polo balances the equation a little and keeps the look from looking too bright. 

If you take any inspiration away from Ryuji's style, it has got to be the idea that nothing is off limits, if you're wearing the same fits, you can experiment with little details: a funky belt, a different style pant - and it will blend effortlessly into the rest of your closet. 


Monday, May 4, 2009

Quail Hollow in the KC's eyes...

(Photos courtesy of the Associated Press/Gerry Broome/Chuck Burton)

1) Phil shoots another abysmal number while wearing the white belt in Saturday's third round. Prompts the entire CBS crew to discuss the belt and Jim Nantz to ask if everyone is conspiracy-theorizing against the white belt... Possibly the first time  so much attention has been paid to attire on Tour coverage. (Save for when Johnny Miller gleefully reports that Badds or Camilo "is dressing just like me!") Phil doesn't seem ready to retire the "full cleveland" to the closet just yet...although he has got to be thinking he'll keep it away from the majors.    

2) Sean O'Hair, a very convincing win. After flopping at the Arnie Invite, he made it happen down the stretch at the Quail. (2 closing bogies couldn't hiccup the victory.) One of the first things we noticed here at the KC is that O'Hair has ditched his Adidas shirts in favor of golf polos by Ashworth. In the final round, we liked the soft grey trousers (sans pleats, thank god) that O'Hair was sporting, but the shirt made us wince. Heres to hoping Ashworth has a positive influence on the sometimes stylishly challenged young man. 

3) Danny Lee, highest finish in a Tour event yet. At 17, you've got to expect big things from the Korean-born New-Zealander. 

4) Tiger. We give him alot of crap at the KC for his lack of knack in the sartorial department. But dammit, we really liked his 3rd round look. The man looked like the golf professional he is in a purple polo with soft blue stripes and a rich brown belt. (We hate Tiger's omni-present black gaucho belts) Granted, Eldrick could probably fit all 14 major trophies in those oversized pants of his, but maybe he needs the extra space for his oversized wallet. Bet you didn't think of that, did you? Now, how do you feel?


Friday, May 1, 2009

Sleeved Off

(Photo courtesy of AP/Nell Redmond)

Nike TW Apparel Designer: "So, Tiger you'd like to go a little shorter with the sleeves going forward?"

Tiger: "You bet, I'm looking for a little more clearance."

Designer: "Shorter like Camilo shorter, or shorter like Phil shorter..."

Tiger: "Shorter like Phi.....ah, I mean, not as short as Camilo's..I mean I..."

Designer: "So we'll go for a shorter length kind of like Phil's...?"

Tiger: "You're fired. Seriously, get the %^&# out..."

KC Mailbag Sample Session: Critters and shorts, Shorts and Critters

(Photos borrowed from Brooks and

Anonymous writes:

I do want you to weigh in on the policy about shorts on tour. Do you think this would add some versatility to the players wardrobe or allow Boo Weekly to wear a rather large pair that lets him air out?

Separately, its become popular for some designers like Polo and Brooks Brothers to make pants with little animals on them, crabs, whales, dogs… ect. I have yet to see any tour players rock this style, thoughts?

Dear Anonymous,

Do you really want to see Boo Weekly's chapped white legs? I don't. Yes, certainly allowing tour players to wear shorts during practice and or competition would add versatility, but it also takes away from one of the best things about golf: tradition. Professional male golfers wear pants, because it's expected and it's appropriate. Besides etiquette and a promise of fair play, it's one of the last traits of a gentleman's game that hasn't gone out the window. Plus, let's face it, pro golfers have some of the coolest and most enviable lives around, so it's only fair that they have funny "farmer's" tans we can laugh at them for.

As for the second-half of your question, as Ivy League style cues have infiltrated the mainstream, we've seen more "critters" appear on pants and shorts. Personally, I think that small blip of attention is over and now critters have fallen back to their original owners: Preppy Handbook types and left field Trads that like their wide wale cords with a dose of puppy dog. I went to college with several guys who liked critter pants, hmm...but I'm deviating...No, you won't see this style on Tour unless it's on Brett Quigley who wears clothing by Vineyard Vines. (He may have done it already, I have no idea) Scott Verplank wore Brooks Brothers, but I don't see him as a critter-type and Davis may have done a patterned shirt or pants at one point (like the Polo shorts above) but he would never, ever wear a "critter!"
But I should be wary: when it comes to fashion in general you can't ever say never, Anonymous. So, keep your eyes open.

With respect,