Friday, July 17, 2009

Jump Around?

(All photos the property of the Associated Press)

There's nothing we at the KC like more than a good "jumper." (You may know it as a knit, or a sweater.) The Open Championship is the mecca of the jumper - apparel companies can't wait to roll out their new knits and outerwear pieces for an event where attempting to predict the weather is akin to pissin' in the wind. 

We think one of the best combinations for TV coverage and for the often muted landscape of a seaside links is a bright colored knit with a dark trouser. Everyone notices. And that's what the apparel companies are after...after all. Like we saw at the U.S. Open, in a world of black outerwear/rainwear, any punch of color is going to set you apart. 

Poulter is wearing a really great deep royal/purple jumper this morning from his line I.P. Design. Rory shows us how to wear the bright zip-neck with the dark trouser and Ryo showcases the best damn outerwear piece of the week. (Love that color blue.) A closetful of reliable and interesting knits and outerwear - That's a bandwagon worth 'jumping' on - wouldn't you say?  



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that will be the last of the Poulter outfits we will be seeing this weekend (nice +14 - so much for the planned weekends outfits already posted on his website).
They made a point on the broadcast that perhaps he makes a bit too much of his wardrobe during the Open Championship, at the cost of his play. I normally wouldn't agree, but after looking at his Twitter page, they may have a point. Getting mentally and physically prepared might be a little more important than tweeting the days outfit from in front of the mirror.

TXQ said...

I own a jumper that I deem a wardrobe essential. It's a brown and green cableknit with flecks of battery-acid white, not particularly eye-catching.

In fact, I keep it in the trunk of my car. Ya never know when you'll need a jumper cable.

How's that for starters?

Chief Plays-With-Words said...

"A closetful of reliable and interesting knits and outerwear - That's a bandwagon worth 'jumping' on - wouldn't you say?"

No. I'd say that's a brand wagon worth jumping on.

Jai Manselle said...

Great post. The more I think about it though, I think I prefer the light on light. A very clean look (even if far less practical).