Friday, July 31, 2009

We Were Thinking...

(Photos the property of JL/Trendy Golf/The University of Florida)

With all the deep blues and corals in JL's recently released fall collection, former Gator Mr. Villegas must have put his foot down...

After a few years of subtlety, JL is back to turning up the volume...Croc on?


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Trend Alert: On the Graydar

(Top 2 photos the property of the Associated Press, bottom photo the property of Getty Images)

It's been well documented by the many golf photographers the world over that gray is hotter than ever in the golf apparel world. Some of golf's biggest names - Tiger, Phil, Vijay, Camilo, Geoff - wear a lot of grays.

Something we've been noticing recently is the trend to pair gray-on-gray, like Phil did in the first round of the U.S. Open and did again, above, in a practice round at Hazeltine. The Shark takes it a step further in terms of complexity with the argyle pattern on the vest at the Senior British Open, while Camilo mixes in a graphic polo in the final round at Bethpage.

We've always been a huge fan of the color gray. It's absolutely can't miss for all skin tones and the head-to-toe monochrome gray look is a thoughtful alternative to white or black.

Almost all modern golf clothing manufacturers are going heavy on gray: Travis Mathew, Lindeberg, Sligo, Hugo Boss etc. etc. bring trim-cut polos, 5-pocket pants, poly trousers and knits in ranges from charcoals to silvers. The more classic brands stick to supplying timeless grays in the trouser category - best example: Tom Watson's Polo chalkstripes.

Gray accessories also work very well with your whites and blacks. Camilo is the best at pairing combinations of gray, white and black - he does so nearly every week on Tour.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reality Bites Loudmouth Golf

(Photos the property of Loudmouth Golf/Rebel on the Links/Opal Images Inc.)

Loudmouth Golf is shopping a new reality show, Rebel on the Links.

The show follows Dan Roland (top) - a car sales manager with dreams of playing with the big boys.

Not only does Dan want to fine-tune his game to the Tour standard, he also wants to upgrade his fitness regimen, which appears nonexistent at the onset of the program. Through a series of Rocky-esque efforts, Dan will attempt to become the most physically-fit player on any Tour. Between you and us, it could be tough to topple Tiger in that category...

Dan will sport Loudmouth's now-infamous trouser designs on the show, which is being considered by the Golf Channel and others. We can only imagine J.D. will make a cameo, as well; let's hope not while wearing Bermuda's finest short pants.

An "Eastbound and Down" on the fairways? This show premise is so bad, we can say with utmost certainty that we will definitely watch it.

The Coolest Rainsuit in the Game?

(Photo the property of Ralph Lauren RLX)

The functionally-minded folks over at Ralph Lauren may have outdone themselves with this new addition to the RLX lineup: The Bluetooth jacket/rainsuit. The jacket was originally designed for Luke Donald at this year's British Open Championship and following the conclusion of the year's third major, should be on shelves now.

Done in classic Blackwatch plaid, the jacket will surely turn heads on a stylistic level; but the coolest feature is the Bluetooth technology that allows you to control your iPod or other device through the touchpad on the left-hand sleeve.

I remember Zegna doing a similar thing a couple years back with a ski/snowboard jacket from their Sport line, but I have to believe this is a first for the golf market.

I had a lightweight Patagonia jacket with a zippered chest pocket that I used to stash my iPod in when I'd go out for late-afternoon, solo rounds. I love the idea. I'm not sure how many golfers warm up or play practice rounds with their iPods, but given my generation's attachment to their MP3 players, the number must be quite high.

Let us know your MP3 habits when it comes to golf, we'd love to know what everyone is doing...As I'm sure would RLX.

The best thing about this jacket, to us, is its streetwear appeal. With the popularity of plaids in today's market, you can wear this thing anywhere and be totally appropriate and stylish.


What We're Wearing - July 29th, 2009

(All photos the property of

Polo: JL Perr - White (Has a hidden pocket)
Vest: JL Lynfa - Coral (Big color this fall for JL)
Belt - Sumi-G Dormy - White
Trouser: JL Sellers Twill Stretch - Stone
Shoe: FJ Icon - White Smooth/ White Micro-Perf/ Black Smooth #52070

Phil's True Colors

(Photo the property of the Associated Press)

We were sitting around at the KC offices yesterday discussing Phil's return to the Tour, amongst other things, when someone brought up an interesting fact: since Phil began wearing his Q'aja bespoke polos in early '09, he has worn nearly every conceivable solid color, with one exception: pink. This prompted me to cycle back through nearly every photo I had of Phil in 2009 and sure enough, not a pink thread in sight. (Save for the now ever-present ribbon adorning Phil's headgear.)

For a style-conscious guy like Phil - who the KC is heavily considering for "Style Comeback of the Year" - we find it surprising that he hasn't taken the pink plunge. With all the dark pinstriped trousers he's been wearing this year, we think pink or light blue would be a natural choice. Come to think of it, Phil really doesn't do much in the pastel range, so maybe that, alone, is the reason for his pink-less season.

Phil's shirts, like his game, have trended towards the bold: bright orange, hunter green, deep royal, fire engine red, maroon, black, white - all crafted with a certain sheen that really photographs well. Tony Q has done an excellent job designing the polos. The photo above is from the U.S. Open in 2008, probably the closest Phil has come to a shade resembling pink, although I believe this was with his previous shirt-maker.

With Phil's shirt orders presumably in for the fall, will we see any pastels? Maybe a pastel H.O.F. belt to match? Nothing would surprise us in 2009 with Phil, and dammit, we respect that about him...


Monday, July 27, 2009

Day Late and a Belt Short?

(Photo the property of Getty Images)

Golf fashion articles are hot right now in mainstream media. Bill Pennington, NY Times golf guy, did this story over the weekend on the popularity of belts and buckles on the course. I'm all for bigtime exposure to this industry, but hasn't everyone gotten around to noticing that belts are back and bigger than ever in golf? (They are...update your arsenal accordingly.)

For the five golf fans in America who missed AK in the Ryder Cup last fall, this article may have been groundbreaking, but for the rest of us - old hat...Or old belt I guess...Thanks anyway...We're just being honest and if you're not coming here for an unfiltered take on golf style, then you're coming to the wrong gin joint.

We were pleased to see Bill mentioned both Druh Belts and Sumi-G - two KC cronies who make a very nice product.

Chu on This, Jack...

(Photo courtesy of Golf Digest/Jack Nicklaus/David Chu)

David Chu, ex-Nautica founder and consummate style man, is joining forces with the Golden Bear to push Jack Nicklaus apparel to the next level. Chu and his current outfit, David Chu Management Group, will be the top advisors - dusting the cobwebs off the Nicklaus apparel brand with hopes to enter the heavily contested arena of golf and lifestyle apparel dominated by Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike Golf, Adidas Golf and the rest of the big swingers.

David has dabbled in the golf and sportswear market with Lincs by David Chu, which has some pretty nice-looking pieces that could be a snapshot of what they might offer for the Nicklaus collection.

Chu could be just what Jack needs, as David is that perfect blend of menswear fanatic and avid golfer. (Reminds me of a couple guys I know...ahem.) And Jack himself will have a more hands-on role than he has in the past with regards to apparel. Should be an exciting partnership and a good facelift for the Bear - we'll be sure to keep you abreast of the developments here at your favorite golf style blog...

Woody Wear That?

(Photo is the property of the Associated Press/Tim Hales)

Here's an interesting piece from Woody Hochswender, over at CNN/SI/, about Polo's domination of the Open Championship. A snippet:

The design team at Polo Golf planned way in advance for the tournament, developing a special "Royal & Ancient" apparel line with Scottish themes as the basis for their entire fall collection. Watson was very tailored-looking and classic throughout, most notably in his gray argyle sweater (Thursday), a pair of dove-gray flannel chalkstripe trousers (Friday), and a black-and-blue crewneck with windowpane overplaid (Saturday). These are not the sort of clothes you typically see on the golf course anymore, unfortunately.

The thing we think you should pay most attention to in the ongoing discussion of "scripted" PGA Tour looks is that Polo does NOT script their players, even for majors. They send the top players - Luke, Davis, Tom - their new stuff and let them pair the looks as they see fit. That's why you see Watson wearing something that doesn't look overly done and appears classic and fairly spontaneous, because it is. Given Polo being the iconic brand that it is and one known for a deep appreciation and celebration of personal style, this should come as no surprise...

Also, Woody touches on something quite thought-provoking in the last paragraph: the idea that while professional golfers used to model their dress after the country club elite, today's recereational players, regardless of socioeconomic status, model their dress after the pros they admire. Woody's points aside, the dramatically more athletic look that has come into vogue is as much about the evolution of golf as a sport, the fitness levels of today's stars and the climate in which much of the pro game is played as anything else.

Looks We Liked...Anthony Kim - Round 1 - Canadian Open

(Photo the property of the Associated Press/Frank Gunn)

The reason this look stood out for us is Anthony is usually a solid shirt, solid trouser guy; often choosing crisp and neutral all-over or vibrants with white trousers. I love the variations both with the addition of the vest and also with the bright green stripe on the polo. So really, he keeps two of his best-known style attributes: the bright colors and the whites, but he does it in a totally new and interesting way.

A great way to look sharp is to do a coordinating trouser and vest (like AK does in khaki) and then add a little punch of color with the shirt. (Whether in a solid or a pattern.) One of our favorite ways to achieve this is a black vest, black trouser with some shade of lighter blue underneath. It's the clothing equivalent of a drivable par-4 and takes some work to screw up. You could do AK's look above with a hunter or kelly green polo and the look might even be better, so never stop experimenting. Remember, fashion is fun. We have an old metal sign that says that hanging over the door at the KC offices; when we leave to get coffee we slap it like the Fighting Irish heading out onto the field. It gets intense...


Friday, July 24, 2009

Horsing Around...

(Photo the property of the Associated Press)

JL is not the lone passenger on the recently-released fall/winter '09 apparel train. The folks at Polo/RLX have introduced a limited selection of updated favorites in the RLX Golf stable. The Unite and Litchfield polos return in fall colors like Icelandic Blue and Regent Green; along with several fleece and performance pullovers and a vest, the Interlock Tee Time, making a new appearance. (Check it out in Slicker Yellow - wow - might be a good matchplay asset if you're planning on blinding your opponents.)

Very much looking forward to all the new collections from the best of the rest. Right here is where it all goes down, so don't go too far into cyberspace without circling back around to your friends here at the KC.


I'm having a grand old time over at TrendyGolf, checking out the new autumn/winter Lindeberg stuff that's coming in. It seems like forever since I've seen new golf clothing and the collection really looks fantastic.

I was pleasantly surprised to see they're doing a cotton trouser (I am not into poly pants) in a 5-pocket/jean-style design called the Sandro. I'm hoping that Trendy will carry these pants on the US Webstore, or at least that I can find a pair in the basement at the Soho store.

I haven't worn Lindeberg pants for the simple reason that I dislike the Troyans and Troons. I need a natural fiber - won't budge on that. But obviously we're huge fans of JL and want to support them. So, excellent work, gentlemen and ladies at JL, for this much needed addition.

JL is also doing another cotton twill pant, the Sellers, that we're told is slimmer-fitting and has some cool, contrasting trim on the pockets and waistband. Check it out.


Friday Inspirations

(All photos the property of Ron Watts Private Collection/Edwin Watts/The Associated Press/Getty Images)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Royal Pains?

(Photo the property of AP/Tom Hevezi)

Sir Nick may have lost his footing at the Senior British Open, but I'm sure he'll get a decent knight's sleep after an even par 70. Fred Funk leads the way at (-6) after a 64. Tom "Turn it Back" Watson is 3 off the lead.

Nick is one of those guys who could be the most stylish player on the course if he actually gave a crap. He used to wear Pringle better than anyone. Now he looks like an SEC football coach. I'm getting royally flushed thinking about it. Okay, those jokes are over. Goodnight.


Poetry Thursday at The KC ----- Featuring: Icon, a Haiku and a Poem Entitled "Waiting..."

(Photos the property of the Associated Press)


"Pros wearing Icons

Blacks, whites, browns, nineteen new styles

Oh, I want a pair..."



We've been waiting on the Icon,

for what seems like half a year.

Rory, Luke and Ian have pairs,

all we can do is leer.

We've been waiting on the Icon

it's really quite a bummer.

I call my rep, I check the blog:

"You can pre-order for mid-summer..."

Well c'mon FootJoy it's late July,

By our count, enough time's gone by.

So send a box, FedEx to me;

name: Khaki Crusader, for short: KC

We hope this doesn't take too long

We're running low on humor.

Besides, if you don't act real fast,

I'll place a call to Puma...

And you don't want ya?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Neck's Big Thing?

(Photos the property of Getty Images, Trendy Golf/JL and AP Photo/Jon Super)

We haven't given much thought to turtlenecks for a while - haven't worn one in ages - but we did notice at both the Masters and the British this year that Camilo turned out in a super comfortable turtleneck that had us wondering: 'If I wanted to, where could I get one of those nowadays?'

Well after checking out some of the early autumn/winter '09 deliveries to - it appears JL is doing a T-neck this fall in white and black, the Parson. Predominately cotton with a bit of stretch, these fellas are perfect for throwing under a JL pique polo or merino knit - like Camilo did above. Whatever way you choose to pair it, it's clear this is not the turtleneck your mother forced on you at Christmas. Maybe that was just us...

Trendy has also rolled out a bunch of new JL knits: cardigans, zip-fronts and V-necks, plus trousers, snakeskin Slater belts and more. Get on over and check it out in the next few days, when photos will be up. Also, make sure to look for the soft opening of the TrendyGolf US Webstore; scheduled for the first week in August. Sign up on the site for details on the launch and stay tuned to the KC, where we'll have the latest info on the US Invasion...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Master Class: One Man, Two Looks, an Unforgettable Open

(Photos are the property of the Associated Press and Reuters Pictures)

It was Jack Nicklaus who said that 2009 at Turnberry will be forever remembered as "Watson's tournament." So many keystrokes have been registered by far superior writers on the topic of Tom Watson and what that performance meant to golf fans worldwide. All I know is what I saw, and what I saw was complete elegance. The kind of demeanor only forged through achieving great things, and the quiet satisfaction with one's self, one's legacy and the humility that results from it.

Tom Watson ambled around Turnberry with an unflappable spirit, but also with some fantastic clothing on his back. Of course, Tom is one of Ralph Lauren's stalwarts (since 1993) and along with Davis Love undoubtedly the face of their Polo Golf collection -- timeless, comfortably weathered, undeniably American.

The look that really defined the tournament for me was Tom in Round 2. I loved the combination of the sand-colored pullover with the grey chalk-striped flannels. And the royal purple polo popped pleasantly to add that punch of color we oft-speak about here. That was perfect British Open attire.

At the KC we also happened to like the Day 1 look of the two-tone grey argyle with the lavender. Lavender and grey is one of the most fantastic and elegant combinations out there. Every golfer should own a pair of grey trousers like the ones Tom wore on Day 1. Pairing them with a lavender polo will bring you unbridled joy and endless compliments -- I may be taking it a bit far, but you get the picture.

At Ralph Lauren, they've put together a small tribute on the Web to Tom Watson and the closing quotation is both fitting and firm: "Thank you for reminding all of us what the game is about..."



Flipping the Script...

(Photo the property of Getty Images)

Remember that horrible Ashworth scripting for Sean O'Hair at the British Open? Well, it appears Sean wasn't having it. At least on Saturday. O'Hair left the underwhelming selections in his script for a much better Caribbean-blue sweater and similarly hued shirt. Does Sean O'Hair read the KC? We'll never know - unless of course he leaves a comment. Don't be bashful, Sean...

This also reiterates the fact that the player has the final say in this matter of scripting. I can imagine the exchange went something like this:

Sean: Okay, guys. What do you have for me for the Open?

Team Ashworth: Well, for Saturday we have this beautiful diagonal stripe, self-collar shirt in 'port.'

Sean: (Wipes drool from the corner of his mouth and retches) How the hell am I supposed to learn good taste when you can't even give it to me? Huh? That KC guy is going to be all over me!

Team Ashworth: Sean, we're terribly sorry. We do have a nice, blue crewneck sweater for you instead, if you'd prefer...?

Sean: That's actually pretty nice. I'd much rather wear that. Thank you. (Leaves, visibly shaken.)

Team Ashworth: We really need to do something about this KC character...Either that or pick better

Monday, July 20, 2009

Well Lukey Here...

(Photos the property of Getty Images)

Okay, fine. See, we try to branch out and then we end up dissatisfied with the decision. I guess from now on we should just stick to our collective guns and embrace our well-supported biases.

The reason we chose Mathew Goggin is we thought he stepped it up and we appreciate that. The fits were spot on. We've never thought of him as a particularly savvy clothing guy, but he tried some new stuff and so forth. Plus, we have to admit, we thought our readers might like to see someone else in the spotlight. But just when you thought it was safe to leave the closet, the human clothes-hangers rear their perfectly coifed heads again...

We couldn't even go the whole damn post on another guy without dropping Luke or Camilo, which reminds us that, oh yes, what a shocker: Luke Donald had the best pieces of the week, hands down. The blue windowpane trousers look (top) is probably going to make second half '09 Best Dressed mention and the tartan, cardigan-vest was really cool and appropriate. We felt we should showcase another golfer who was doing his thing, but now we end up back in the same spot as we always do. We even managed to get past Goggin's undershirt, which had been bothering us since we first started collecting images of him. We hate undershirts.

Put Luke Donald next to Goggin and Goggin looks, well...drab. But it just isn't fair - just like putting RLX up against SunIce isn't fair. You try to do your good deed for the day, stand up for the little guy and this is what happens...You're on your own for golf style this evening, I'm heading home. I'm Tom Watson right now - a battered champ. Buy two slim-fit polos and call me in the morning.

P.S. - Goggin was looking okay, wasn't he?


Gaga for Goggin?

(Photos the property of Reuters and AP)

Everyone has been beseeching me for my pick of 'Best Dressed' at the Open, and honestly, besides the usual suspects who were in the mix on Sunday (Luke, Camilo,) I just can't get away from Mathew Goggin, the Aussie. I was looking at photos today and I just really liked how all his stuff fit. I would have enjoyed a little more color, but I'm quite picky when it comes to these matters. Goggin looked very masculine, yet quite refined.

I loved the black pin/pink combo on Saturday - he actually did a pinstriped trouser 3 of 4 days -and the collars on his shirts were really fantastic. Nice and prominent. Also enjoyed the pairing of a vintage looking leather belt on Day 1 with pinstripes. Bold.

Judging on solely a logo basis, it appears his shirts are made by SunIce, an outfitter best known for rainwear. I remember SunIce well from my youth, as our pro shop carried the brand. I recall their offerings to be both progressive and attractive and after a quick stop at the website, I'm comfortable knowing my memory hasn't forsaken me.

Turns out, they have a collection of 12 polos to accompany their jackets, pullovers, vests and pants. The jackets, like the polos seen on Goggin, are cut trim and are available in tons of colors, bright and otherwise. Another good outerwear option.

What do folks think of Goggin's efforts in the sartorial department last week? Are you at all surprised that he is the chosen one? I'm even a little surprised. It's so damn progressive of me, mate...


Golfer We Like: Chris Wood

(Photos the property of Reuters and Getty Images)

Chris Wood is a lanky Brit with a laid-back demeanor and serious Open Championship game. You may recall him playing with Poulter on Sunday last year at Birkdale and tying for 5th as low amateur. He followed that up with a T3 at Turnberry. Chris is a modern golf clothing designer's dream at 6' 5'' and thin as a blade of fescue. He often wears a rather full trouser, (by Euro standards) that creates an interesting balance with his super-slim JL knits and polos.

In the final round at Turnberry, however, his pant was a very trim, very lightweight offering that we really think worked well (Top.) Chris, like Ryuji Imada, really bridges the gap between streetwear and golf attire. The clothing is worn in such a casual and comfortable way. As younger, at times edgier players begin to emerge, especially overseas, we think we'll only begin to see more and more of the blurring of the line of classic sportswear with street influences.

Obviously, Lindeberg is to thank for this fusion, but we'd hope to see other companies achieving similar results in the coming years. There's this beautiful understatement to Wood's clothing that is refreshing and also indicative of the economic and fashion climates outside the world of pro golf.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Jump Around?

(All photos the property of the Associated Press)

There's nothing we at the KC like more than a good "jumper." (You may know it as a knit, or a sweater.) The Open Championship is the mecca of the jumper - apparel companies can't wait to roll out their new knits and outerwear pieces for an event where attempting to predict the weather is akin to pissin' in the wind. 

We think one of the best combinations for TV coverage and for the often muted landscape of a seaside links is a bright colored knit with a dark trouser. Everyone notices. And that's what the apparel companies are after...after all. Like we saw at the U.S. Open, in a world of black outerwear/rainwear, any punch of color is going to set you apart. 

Poulter is wearing a really great deep royal/purple jumper this morning from his line I.P. Design. Rory shows us how to wear the bright zip-neck with the dark trouser and Ryo showcases the best damn outerwear piece of the week. (Love that color blue.) A closetful of reliable and interesting knits and outerwear - That's a bandwagon worth 'jumping' on - wouldn't you say?  


Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Thursday Thought...

(Photo the property of AP Photo/Jon Super)

I think it's fair to say The Mechanic was the very definition of a "Khaki Crusader" today; en route to a gorse-scorching 64 in round 1. Respect.

Strapping Down the Past?

Young Tom Morris wore a red leather belt. Hell yes, he did. Like Sergio, Camilo or Poulter. His was even more badass. It was thick and emblazoned with silver emblems and matching buckle. (Top) Take that, AK!
In fact, the red Moroccan leather belt looked a lot more like it came from the WWE than the PGA. It was the first prize ever presented to the winner of the Open Championship - Willie Clark in 1860. Willie ain't never heard of no "House of Fleming" before, I can guarentee you that.

When Young Tom won three consecutive Opens from 1868-1870, the rule said you got to keep the "Challenge Belt," so he did. He took it home and hung that thing on his wall. Think your handmade gator belt is a piece of art? Well, Tom sure liked his.

The Claret Jug came around only because the circuit of esteemed clubs that held the Open needed a new prize to give out -- Young Tom had their belt. (We all know how pricey custom belts can run, jugs were on sale that week.)

So next time you think, even for a moment, that fashion doesn't play a role in the history of golf...think of Young Tom and the red belt. In fact, in honor of Open Championship week, treat yourself to a new strap - a crucial accessory of ancient golfing lore.

-KC (For J.D. and the D8)