Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camilo Villegas - Round 1 - Buick Invitational

(Photo the property of Getty Images)

A complete and utter success. Few looks have made me as happy as when I turned on the TV that Thursday in February and witnessed Camilo killing that JL Wesley argyle over the royal blue polo with matching gator strap and the crisp white trouser. An ideal blend of retro classics with contemporary appeal. A true "Blue Monster."


Chief Writes-for-Carrot Top said...

"A complete and utter success."

Adjective-wise, I'd've gone with one or the utter.

Anonymous said...


Fancy Pants said...

This one gets my vote. Obviously I'm a Camilo fan, but that aside, navy and white is my favorite color combo this year on and off the course. Fantastic sweater, great use of two shades of blue.

Shane Combs said...

I give Camilo my honorable mention. He is a constant "complete and utter sucess" in the fashion department.