Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Mock(ery)

(AP Photo courtesy of John Raoux/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

I find it hard to believe guys are still wearing mock-necks. Jason Gore seems like one of the world's nicest individuals, but if I was his friend I'd buy him some collared shirts. At Bay Hill, Gore's "Canon" emblazoned tees looked foolish, especially paired with pleated trousers. He looks like a cell phone salesman. Gary Koch said it best during Sunday's telecast and I'll paraphrase: "I just can't get used to the collarless "muscle" shirts...call me a traditionalist, but I really believe guys should be wearing shirts with collars. " Amen. Chaulk it up to a bad Nike/Tiger trend. The worst part about it is, like Gore, several guys wear predominantly mock-necks now (Rocco etc.) and a large amount of apparel manufacturers make them. Lindeberg even made a mock neck Lachlan a few years ago. It's a bad trend. It needs to go away. Most private clubs I know won't allow you to play in a cotton t-shirt, but if that t-shirt is microfiber... This way to the first tee sir! It's absurd. I could understand if the 'bigger' guys on tour were wearing them because they have a slimming effect, but they don't. They instantly make your shoulders wider and you appear squatter. Trust me. Embrace the collar boys, love it. We at the KC just can't take it anymore.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Justin, no...Justin.....really?

(Photo courtesy of AP/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

There's a name for this color, I know it...C'mon...oh yeh! Statuatory Puke...

Damn it feels good to be a golfer...

(Photo courtesy of the Associated Press/Phelan M. Ebenhack/John Raoux)

You can't miss the cut in that...

(Photo courtesy of AP/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

We'll forgive Ryo for his youthful exuberance, but you better be neck-in-neck with Tiger down the stretch if you're in electric sorbet. That's all I'm going to say. No actually I'm going to say one more thing: Poulter is slightly scared for what Ryo has in his closet for the Masters...hell, Doug Sanders is shaking in his turquoise shoes...


Friday, March 27, 2009

Styled to a Tee

(Image courtesy of Styled to a Tee)

In Robert Lohrer's blog, Styled to a Tee, the KC has found a fellow golf style fanatic who could easily while away the hours debating the collar selections of certain superstar golfers. In fact, he does just that in his most recent post, found here . Mr. Lohrer is clearly a veteran insider and posts some insightful pieces on the current state of the style game and the players out there making it happen.

I'm adding Robert's site to the KC's links. If you haven't seen it, check it out.

Friday Throwback

When Ty Tryon breezed through 'Q School' in the fall of 2001, Rory McIlroy was falling off the monkey bars and Ryo Ishikawa was probably adding to his beanie baby collection. I've always held a particular fondness for Ty, as I spent 2001-2002 in Hilton Head trying to perfect my own game with dreams of a college golf scholarship. What I remember most about Ty was his style.. For 2001 he was wearing his stuff slimmer than most. He had an edge to him, alot of all black, trousers always trim and polos with sleeves cut short. Plus the wild mess of hair. He had kind of this Willy Mac thing going before anyone knew who Willy Mac was. He exuded that surfer vibe, but also had equal parts Camilo - the fitness, the adoration of the female fans. I actually drove to 'Q School' in Palm Beach that year to watch this 17 year-old kid try to qualify for the tour. I parked illegally and had to hop a 10 foot fence to get over to the other side of the road where Ty was playing. It was early morning and the fence was still wet from the sprinklers; I slipped and quite severly impaled my right thigh on one of the posts. Bleeding at a steady rate, I rushed back to my car and drove the hour back home. I was on the course the next day. Still have the scar. And you thought the KC was soft...Ty has yet to fulfill his potential, fighting mono and bad results on the big Tour before bouncing around on the minis with little success...Indeed, sad for the once-Callaway posterboy, but I'll always recall that year when a kid with bad skin and big dreams gave every junior player hope that everything might just work out...

Student becomes teacher?

(AP Photo courtesy of John Raoux)

I'm very eagerly awaiting a Poulter/Ryo pairing. The 17 year old has replaced his Poulter headcover with his own likeness (see above) and even bested him in yesterday's first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational - albeit 76 to Ian's dismal 77. I'm hoping the Masters comes through. I can see it right now, they show up on the first tee wearing the same green plaids, Ian challenges Ryo to a walk-off across Hogan's bridge, Ryo unveils Magnum and wins, Ian pushes him into Rae's Creek, Billy Zane shows up, pandemonium ensues. That's how it goes in my head anyway.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Camilo Villegas dressed to win in J.Lindeberg!"

(Photos courtesy of J.Lindeberg/jlindeberg.com)

All subscribers on the JL distribution list got an email with this title today. Frankly, I'm surprised they haven't sent this out sooner, but it's just a quick blurb detailing Camilo's success in 2008 and his rise to the top 10 in the world. It's pretty cool how a major apparel company sends out an email to all its worldwide customers and a golfer is the pitch man. It still feels foreign to me - golf being so mainstream. Sure Tiger is everywhere you turn, but other than that......Certainly speaks to the star power of a guy like Camilo. I guess I should get used to it. Anyways, I was pleased to see they rolled out a bunch of Troon trousers in various colors, you can get them on the EU Webstore, but not the US yet. I'm sure they'll pop up at various retailers here in the states soon. I know I put JL on here so much and I'm sure people get sick of it, but until other people start making great progressive golf clothing, where else is there to turn for a bloggin' golf junky with a hankering for sweet gear? I mean right? Yeh, that's what I thought...Step your games up. Wait until you see the Phineas stuff. Where JL has a touch of rock star in his clothes, Phineas Cole has a sprinkling of modern day aristocracy and even a little bit of f&*% you...

What makes great golf clothing?

(Image Courtesy of Paul Stuart.com)

When it comes to golf clothing, all golfers have their go-to brands. The golfer seeking a fashion forward or modern look might come to a J. Lindeberg, RLX or a Puma, while a golfer looking for a more classic appearance may opt for Polo RL, Peter Millar or Ashworth. When it comes down to personal taste, I've found that my favorite looks come from a combination of the two, a happy medium between progressive and classic that creates a style all it's own. That's what is unfortunate about sponsorship deals on Tour, because each brand has a look and each golfer paid to wear the clothing has to adhear to that ideal. There is very little mixing and blending of pieces and styles. When I search for golf clothing, I'm very open-minded. Much of the stuff I wear on the course aren't things I've bought as golf specific. One Easter, I went out for a morning 18 before going to a large family meal. I hadn't brought any golf pants/khakis with me, so I wore a pair of twill trousers that I was planning on wearing to the meal. Luckily, it was a dry day and the pants came away unscathed, so I threw on a sportcoat, dress shirt and tie - changed my golf shoes to loafers and downstairs I went. My father asked me, aren't those the pants you just wore to the course? I said they were. He was blown away a) that I had taken the risk of soiling the pants I'd have to wear later to a formal event and b) how good they still looked. That's a transitional piece and that is what I'm looking for. I like stuff I can wear in different scenarios. In this economic environment, I'm not buying as many new pieces, so I'm looking back at old favorites in new ways. Exploring the depths of my closet for alternate ways to wear things.

Anyways, all that rambling has a point; finding great golf clothing doesn't just occur in a pro shop or a golf retail or discount store or even department store. The everyday golfers I see are always adding to their personal styles with items they may have picked up in places they weren't expecting to go "golf shopping." In fact, the KC is throwing that phrase out all together.

This is why I am pleased to announce the first KC collaboration with a major clothing establishment known much more for it's prowess in the boardroom than on the links: the venerable Paul Stuart. Specifically, it's young Phineas Cole line; a collection aimed at the modern gentleman looking for a more aggressive and updated styling, infused with equal amounts of British and Italian flair. The KC, along with Phineas Cole, will interpret the sportswear portion of the collection in a new way: for the stylish golfer. I think you'll find that these lux pieces are just as fantastic on the course as in the clubhouse In fact, when I first saw the spring collection, I immediately thought, "This is what I've been looking for." I think its just different enough to garner some attention from the most discerning golf apparel customers. Its progressive without being space age, its classic without being tired...The twill pants I wore that Easter morning? They were Phineas Cole... It is worth taking a look.

The KC and Phineas will be presenting these golf looks in a expose to come and to be featured exclusively here on the Khaki Crusader. Please look out for it in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jonathan Byrd

(Photos courtesy of AP/Chris O'Meara)

Another guy from the Polo stable who always looks sharp is Jonny Byrd. He hasn't been playing all that well so you might not have seen him around; but he's made over a million dollars every year since 2006 so don't get out the Kleenex just yet. Jonathan Byrd is the most unassuming pink trouser wearing SOB you'll ever meet. Fact. Today's lesson to learn from this: Black and pink...fantastic combination. Very bold. For those with the training wheels still on, try a pink shirt with a pair of black trousers. If you like the attention, feel free to go for the opposite like Byrd in the top photo. If you can carry it as quietly as Byrd does, you've probably been reading too much KC. Soon you'll be dressing better than us. You're welcome.

Who's that man with the nice-fitting pants?

(Photo courtesy of AP/Helder Santos)

Why it's Estanislao Goya, the Argentinian winner of last week's Madeira Islands Open in Portugal. The thing that grabbed me about this photo is the way his trousers sit on his shoe. Very Italian of you old chap. They are the perfect length and perfect cut. Yes, I could do without the pleats, but the pinstripe spins it in your favor my friend. Light blue and navy is always a winner on the course. I'm going to call you Esty. I hope you don't mind.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spoke too soon...

(Photos courtesy of golfshopperusa.com/JL)
Presenting the full set of JL/Vega cavity backs. Fresh off the presses. One piece forged steel. Sure, they're the price of a used Hyundai, but you can't put a price on style my friends. No you can't...It appears from that hosel photo there are only 50 sets made - which means you'll probably be the only guy on the range with them unless you're hitting balls next to JT. They come in raw or black finish. Some like it raw, some like it black. For 3 thousand peppers it's your choice...

Look out Poulter...

(Photos courtesy of AP/Chris O'Meara)
Ryo showcased a few looks at the Transitions Championship that would make Ian proud...Is there a new loud pants sheriff in town?

?!%^$&in' sweet....

(Photo courtesy of TrendyGolf.com/J.Lindeberg)

I had heard JL might be coming out with clubs this year...guess it's true. Introducing the JL/vega wedges. They come in 52, 56 and 60 degree lofts and they match your pants! Wild...I can only assume they'll be following with a full set of irons and then it'll probably be only a matter of time before Camilo, Jesper and the rest of the crew are playing them?? If these clubs perform as well as they look....look out...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Goodnight Sweet Prince...

(Photos courtesy of Footjoy.com)
Two weeks ago today, a massive bomb was dropped on all golf purists around the globe...By now all of us golf apparel nutcases have heard, the Footjoy Classics are gone as we know them. Never again will you smell those handmade in the USA leather soles and think "God, now I know why I've been put on this earth." For those of you who haven't heard, the Footjoy Classics factory in Brockton, MA is closing. Footjoy finally folded to the increasing attractiveness of overseas labor - even for their flagship shoe. The production of Classics, Classics Dry Premieres, Classic Tours and other off the course dress models are immediately halted and many of us are slumped at our desks thinking, "how can I re-finance my house to afford every single model of CDP's before they are swept from the earth forever?"
I remember my first pair of Classics, beautiful pebbled brown leather saddles, creamy white base. That gold "FJ" gleaming. You could see the work in these babies, they screamed 'made by hand,' 'luxury,' 'just for me.' The grip of those leather laces, the spongy gray insoles. No blisters here buddy, save that for the other guys. Perfection...
I've already had my moment and I've cried it out. I'm upset, but the KC lives by the motto that it's okay to look back, but not to stare. So, let's move forward. I mean, presumably, Footjoy will come out with a shoe made in China that looks remarkably like the Classic and while not made with the same amount of love and care, will probably satisfy most golfer's needs. So that's the good news. The bad news is a massive lump of uncertainty and just an overwhelming feeling that something is missing. I look forward to my first pair of Chinese Classics. I do. I look forward to finding "flaws" in the construction for the rest of my days. Footjoy is promising the same kind of customization currently available on the MyJoys for the top-level shoe that replaces the Classic. That's exciting, sure...But ya know, when it all comes down to it...I liked my Classics from Brockton. I liked knowing a man or woman from Massachusetts had nailed those soles to the calf's leather upper with the care that a machine never could. I liked my Classics from the U. S. of A...and you know what Footjoy? So did alot of other people...Talk about a shank...

And the award goes to...

(Photo courtesy of AP/Fernando Vergara)

Camilo Villegas was named Columbia's best golfer on Monday. Wow.....what a shocker. Is Steve Williams New Zealand's best caddy too?
But moving on, have you noticed how some guys can look real put together on the course and then they'll be dressed up in a suit for an event and look crappy and out of place? All I can think of is the Ryder Cup opening ceremonies, watching our guys look oafish while Europe looks great. I'm sure some people think that's lovable or whatever, but I really don't. I just want to urge whoever is picking this stuff to dress our guys in something we can be proud of. Believe it or not, you can actually put guys like Ben Curtis in something classic yet cut for the modern times. It doesn't have to be a Joseph A. Bank sack suit. C'mon. It's the little things boys...
It's refreshing, but no real surprise to see that Camilo is looking refined and up to date as always in what I'm assuming is a JL suit. I would like to see a little cuff though...sleeves are a bit long on the jacket. I could probably find something wrong with just about anything if you give me the time. I guess that's just the consumate perfectionist in me...the KC...would you agree?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tavistock Cup 2009

(Photo courtesy of AP/Miguel A. Olivella Jr.)

The boys from Lake Nona, on the back of a 66 from GMac, whipped Tiger and his Isleworth team yesterday at the annual Tavistock Cup. The team "jerseys" as I'll politely call them were ugly as sin, but Poulter, as always, was worth a look.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Golf Apparel a Major Player in U.S. Sales

(Photo courtesy of Puma Golf/puma.com)

Interesting tidbit of information from Golfer's Mag on the impact fashion and apparel is having on Golf "Equipment" Sales in the U.S. Pretty sunny predictions for the future. We've already got our shades on here at the KC. Bring it.

JL US Webstore Updated

(Photo courtesy of nymag.com)

The J. Lindeberg US Webstore has been updated with the new spring stuff. If you're planning on grabbing anything, I'd advise going now while they have all sizes in stock. It can be a pain to track down the current styles once the season starts. Also, if you're into vintage JL stuff, you can find quite a few items on eBay. (I'd advise speaking to sellers first and checking feedback to make sure you aren't getting knockoffs.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Attention PGA Tour Officials: Ban "fat pants"

(Photos courtesy of AP/Wilfredo Lee/Brennan Linsley)

If you're a fit person, why would you want to look un-fit? Lee Janzen is damn fit for a guy in his late 40's, but in the above photo he looks like he accidently picked up Tim Herron's dry-cleaning...

I've always hated Tiger's clothing. The fit is really terrible. I mean if you're the best in the world wouldn't you want to dress like it? He's finally ditched the pleats, but still wears his pants like a member of MC Hammer's entourage. Why isn't Nike putting Tiger in similar designs to that of a Paul Casey or Trevor Immelman. For one day, I'd love to see what Johan Lindeberg would dress Tiger in. He'd look so much better. Tiger can bench 350, he shouldn't look like he weighs it. I recall an article a few years back, where JL commented on Tiger's floppy duds. Needless to say, he loathes them. Its gotten to the point where Tiger needs someone to step in and save him. Phil is cleaning your clock in the style section Eldrick, isn't that enough motivation to pick up a GQ? Even better, log on to the KC. See what you're missing!

Fans speak out: Ban "Fat pants" on TOUR!

I am the KC and I approve this message.

Simplifying Things

(Photos courtesy of AP Photo/ J. Pat Carter/Wilfredo Lee)

Like anyone who's into clothing, I re-evaluate my wardrobe every so often. Whenever I do this, I always find myself returning towards simplicity; turning down the volume on what I've been wearing and returning to the basics. I have a quirk that when I feel I've become lost in color, I'll wear a navy suit, mid blue shirt, navy tie and chocolate brown shoes. All the golfers I admire for their styles are ones that live by a seemingly similar mantra. If you watch a Camilo or a Luke Donald from week to week, you'll notice that they keep things very conservative and classic in terms of color and pattern. One piece is all you need to create the pop in an outfit and the details are what set these guys apart. The photos above of Sergio and Aaron Baddeley I've included, because these are players that over the years we've seen go very agressive with color and pattern. Sergio has really switched it up and kept things very crisp the past year or so. Badds still wears plaids quite frequently, but also has looks like this in his closet. Even Ian Poulter will tell you that some days he just wants to wear black trousers and a white golf polo. The fashion risks and the color become boring and frivolous if you're seeing them every round or every day. The balance is what creates a successful wardrobe. Today's lesson: if you find yourself overwhelmed, return to something simple - black or navy trouser, white or light blue golf polo. It will get you back on the right track - trust me.

Ryuji Imada

(Photos courtesy of AP/J Pat Carter)

We got to see quite a bit of Ryuji this weekend, as he played with Tiger on Saturday. I'd put Ryuji in a sartorial class with Camilo in terms of utter consistency. He's able to experiment while making everything he wears completely his own. He really makes the game cool. Like Camilo, I realize Ryuji is on here quite frequently, but if it's golf style you want...

God Bless Henrik Stenson

(Image courtesy of Getty Images/BBC Story )

As all golfers have or inevitably will, Henrik Stenson found himself with a playable lie in a water hazard on Thursday at the CA Championship. However, the ensuing rescue shots usually result in a muddy splash, leaving our well chosen apparel in shambles for the remainder of the round. Now we're all familiar with pros removing shoes and socks, rolling the trousers up to the knees etc. But Stenson, rather than soil his Hugo Boss, opted to remove all of it. Yes, all of it. As he put it: "Because of the mud I couldn't really afford to play in any of my clothes as they would have been a real mess down the last six or so holes so I had no option." A true KC response. I love this..."NO OPTION." So Henrik gives his best David Beckham pose (if Becks had a farmer's tan,) hits the shot and the rest is now history. Big stones, Henrik, big stones. Quite impressive. Side note: Rory McIlroy was faced with a similar shot this week, but thankfully we didn't have an early Saint Patty's surprise. I can see the headline now- Blinded by the Arse of an Irishman. Luckily (no pun) this isn't a trend the KC expects to continue...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Very exciting news...

The KC, keeping it original as you always know, is about to feature a few articles on finding exciting, progressive golf clothing at locations you might not expect. Tune in for the lastest in our travels. We promise some great stuff that might throw you for a loop. Born and bred revolutionaries...par for the course!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More New JL from TrendyGolf.com

Micha rainwear pant in black
Nicolas pant in black

Nicolas in grey

Micha jacket in white

(All photos courtesy of TrendyGolf.com)

Just when you thought I'd blabbed all there was to blab about JL.....Some great new items for Spring just dropped in my lap. The Nicolas pant has a contrasting color waistband, a cool, sartorial feature that they say makes wearing a belt optional. Personally, I'd wear a belt as always, while enjoying the stripe in the privacy of my own home.
The Micha jacket and matching pants are a great rainwear option for the summer. They are lightweight and very stylish. Take the KC's advice and mix and match your pant and jacket (black pant, white jacket would be the better-looking option) to avoid looking like a ballboy at Wimbeldon. Between you and me, chicks will dig the Micha. Wear it to the bar after your round and wait for mayhem to ensue. Of course, it would help if your name is Camilo Villegas. If that is already the case, then thank your parents before going to said bar. Not sure where this is going...Go buy some rainwear....shut up...
Pick it all up at http://www.trendygolf.com/

Monday, March 9, 2009

Into the abyss...

(Photo courtesy of Ron Watts Private Collection/Edwin Watts Golf)

The KC will be going off the grid the next few days. I have an engagement up north I cannot miss. Mysterious people are interesting people, no? One of the elusive tour stars of the 40's and 50's was Lloyd Mangrum. He rattled off 35 wins and the admiration of his peers, yet when discussions arise today of the game's great players, he's rarely mentioned. "The forgotten star," as no less than Byron Nelson proclaimed. The thing that caught my eye immediately was Mangrum's style. This photo captures the essence of what a "gentleman's game" should mean. Dapper, demure. A patient observer that clearly knew how to win. Bing Crosby described Mangrum as possessing the perfect blend of "rhythm, balance and style." I like to think of the fictional character of the KC as a man like Mangrum. A man of quiet and competent action, a gifted artist and adventurer... Both Mangrum and the KC would never tell you where they're going, only where they've been...
Enjoy the CA Championship at Doral. Going to be a great one.

Willie Mac

(All photos courtesy of the Associated Press)
I love seeing how guys from the same clothing stables can make the "look" of that brand remarkably different. To make my point, let's look at a guy like Willie Mac, Will MacKenzie vs. say, Camilo Villegas. (To put against Jesper would be too extreme) Willie and Camilo both wear many of the same J. Lindeberg pieces, but through the details and their personal styles, they carry them differently. There is no question that Camilo is regarded on tour as extremely fashion-forward, but Willie Mac? No. He's known more for his personality and his laid-back, surfer mentality. Strictly appearance wise, I can spot a few things that create these differences. Willie pairs his JL garments with Adidas shoes in very sporty models, Camilo favors Footjoy Classic Drys - a more elegant shoe, leather sole, etc. Also, Villegas may be wearing the same shirts as Willie, but he wears them smaller and he fills them out more, as he looks like he could bench-press a Buick. The list goes on, Camilo - trucker hats, Willie in ballcaps and Oakleys. Really though, personal style comes down to how your personality shines through what you're wearing, Camilo, while seemingly a great guy, is serious and focused, while Willie is known for that Jeff Spicoli attitude and it really makes all the difference when you dissect how two guys wearing the same shirts and trousers can appear so differently. Tell you what though, sartorially speaking - definite edge to Willie on the trouser fit. I love how slim and straight they're always tailored (bottom shot is the best example.) Whereas, Camilo prefers more of a flared leg. Also liked Willie's blacks and whites on Saturday with the red belt. Great example of a single vibrant accessory defining an outfit. Reminds me of, well....Camilo. Guess we've come full circle.
It is Monday, March 9th and I, as always, am the Khaki Crusader.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Throwback

(Photo courtesy of Ron Watts Private Collection/Edwin Watts)

Everytime I see Johnny Miller on TV now, I have to remind myself he was once this cool Cali kid who swaggered onto the Tour in the early 70's and ran off 18 wins that decade including '73 at Oakmont in the US Open and the 1976 British. He's a little bit different looking now, but he still has that swagger when he's hooked up to the mic on CBS. This picture to me is raw power and youthful style. Look at the strength, notice the balance...check out those trousers. Raw! Yet comfortingly refined.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Marketing

(Photos courtesy of and are property of Puma Golf)

I'm really liking some of the techniques golf apparel companies are using to market to the younger generation. Oakley, Puma and Trendy Golf, to name a few, have blogs that get pretty steady attention and updating. I was on Puma's today - it looks like it kicked off last week sometime - and liked the groundwork they're laying. They have a section on each fully sponsored Puma golf team member including some really high-quality photos, (great for spotting details on the clothing before you purchase) a summary talking about their preferred gear and a short blurb on their personal style. It's a good idea - I like that they're focused on the player with relation to their style and not just to their stats. Oakley's golf section is really cool - they have videos of Ian Poulter and Ricky Barnes and photos of Oakley-sponsored events, even the Oakley golf team hanging out with Marty Hackel. I'm not a huge fan of Oakley apparel (some of the shirts are cool) and I hate wearing sunglasses to play golf, but all that withstanding, go Oakley! It seems to me like they kind of kicked off the whole blog as a marketing tool thing at least in this realm. I will say they are progressive as hell when it comes to keeping it on the cutting edge. Anyways, you should check these blogs out - I've included the best Puma photos above, so really I've done the legwork for you. Maybe you can just stare twice as long at my blog instead of going to Puma's. If only I sold clothes, I have a million ideas I tell you...but you knew that.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


(Photo courtesy of House of Fleming)

This ultra cool denim-pattern genuine gator belt from House of Fleming (http://www.houseoffleming.com/) may set you back over 500 quid, but see, secretly you're sticking it to the man by wearing "jeans" on the course. And who doesn't love a rebel? I wonder if Billy Payne and the fellers would be up in arms if someone wore this to Augusta. Can't you see Jesper in a 'Canadian Tuxedo' topped off with a denim skinny tie and one of these bad boys. Yee Haw, that's livin!

Florida and more...

(AP Photo/York/Franklin)

When it comes down to it, this is my favorite time of the year. The Florida swing means we can smell the azaleas, but have a month of great golf to butter us up. The Honda has its best field ever this week, Doral for the CA Championship, Bay Hill - all major international fields tuning up for Augusta and scrambling for FedEx points. So who's going to come out of the Florida tournaments the Master's favorite? It's Tiger's title to lose I suppose. Can we count on a win from him at Doral or Arnie's tournament as we've come to expect? If he goes winless, will we look elsewhere for a Master's pick for the office pool? Will Rory take home his first US victory? Does Geoff continue his seemingly shakeless play? What will they all be wearing when it all goes down? (That last question is of particular concern to the boys at the KC)

Not to mention stores are getting in the big shipments of new spring and summer 09 golf apparel. Check out the links for Trendy golf and Fairway styles in the upper right hand corner of the site for the new Puma, JL and others. I've been meaning to check out the JL store in Soho one of these days to see what they have in for new gear - they usually stock a large portion of the bottom floor with golf clothing and in the past have had a good selection. I'll report back when I do get some time to investigate.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dressing your Body Type 2...

(Photos courtesy of AP/Matt York/Ross D. Franklin)

Polar opposite time - Geoff Ogilvy. For a guy of "only" 6'2'' when you see him out there, he looks much taller. Guess why? Because of how he wears his clothing. Those Puma shirts have the sleeves cut quite short, which gives him even more 'lank' in the arms and the 5 pocket pants he prefers are cut slim, especially at the base of the leg, yet still remain comfortable where it matters.
To me, no one dresses more like their personality/game than Ogilvy. He's equal parts meticulous and loose, serious and carefree. He's clearly got the icy edge, I mean 18-3 in match play against the world's best is evidence of that; at the same time he's that bright gent you might want to discuss free will with over a... i don't know... a Fosters?