Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Turnberry Day 1 - KC's Selections

Sweater - JL Lymann Merino - Navy
Shirt: Penguin Never Ware - Total Eclipse
Belt: JL Slater - Navy
Shoe: FootJoy Icon - Pebbled White
Pant: JL Tyrell - White


TXQ said...

"Shirt: Penguin Never Ware - Total Eclipse"

Okay, KC, this demands an explanation.

Some CEO, I'm guessing, whose underlings don't dare knock his/her ideas, thought a "Never Ware" label would make those Penguin shirts fly off the shelves.

Label-wise, it's a Total Eclipse of the Shun, if you ask me.

TXQ said...

I think I see how your mind works, KC.

You opted to not go the "Ode" route, headline-wise, two days in a row cuz you don't wanna be known as an Oder and thus make us your Oder Readers.

Good call.

Pipes said...

Classy. Like it.

Fancy Pants said...

In light of my aforementioned affinity for blue and white I'm giving my unequivocal endorsement of this outfit. Very nice!

Adidas said...

KC-I agree with most of your choices in general in your blog, but can not get over your affinity for footjoys. same with this outfit. i can't look at a pair without thinking they belong on my grandfather.

The Khaki Crusader said...

Hey Adidas,

Thank you for part a. As far as part b, I can certainly see your point. I know many golfers that like more modern stuff are not enamored with FJ's. I guess it's just one of those things. I do enjoy Puma's offerings, and Adidas is fine too. But FJ Classics and the new Icon are just so damn timeless. I'll let you know when I take some Pumas for a spin, maybe I'll be a convert. For now though, it's Classics/Icons or barefoot.