Monday, July 20, 2009

Gaga for Goggin?

(Photos the property of Reuters and AP)

Everyone has been beseeching me for my pick of 'Best Dressed' at the Open, and honestly, besides the usual suspects who were in the mix on Sunday (Luke, Camilo,) I just can't get away from Mathew Goggin, the Aussie. I was looking at photos today and I just really liked how all his stuff fit. I would have enjoyed a little more color, but I'm quite picky when it comes to these matters. Goggin looked very masculine, yet quite refined.

I loved the black pin/pink combo on Saturday - he actually did a pinstriped trouser 3 of 4 days -and the collars on his shirts were really fantastic. Nice and prominent. Also enjoyed the pairing of a vintage looking leather belt on Day 1 with pinstripes. Bold.

Judging on solely a logo basis, it appears his shirts are made by SunIce, an outfitter best known for rainwear. I remember SunIce well from my youth, as our pro shop carried the brand. I recall their offerings to be both progressive and attractive and after a quick stop at the website, I'm comfortable knowing my memory hasn't forsaken me.

Turns out, they have a collection of 12 polos to accompany their jackets, pullovers, vests and pants. The jackets, like the polos seen on Goggin, are cut trim and are available in tons of colors, bright and otherwise. Another good outerwear option.

What do folks think of Goggin's efforts in the sartorial department last week? Are you at all surprised that he is the chosen one? I'm even a little surprised. It's so damn progressive of me, mate...



TXQ said...

Today the Crusader went bloggin',
Highly praisin' the duds of Mat Goggin,
I do like his site
But his picks they did bite,
Next time he should use his noggin.

The Khaki Crusader said...

Funny for someone who oft-praises the look of one Stewie Appleby to have such an issue with this selection. There are a lot of similarities with regards to fit, mate.

TXQ said...

I just kinda went with what rhymed.

Not very responsible on my part, yet the meter was pretty spot-on.

The Khaki Crusader said...

Agreed. Rhyme on.

TXQ said...

Your post is valid, though.

It's kinda ... All the news that's fit to fit.

Hey, I think I've made my inaugural semi-serious comment. Feels kinda weird.

Anonymous said...

What brand of pants was he wearing the last day (grey ones?)