Monday, July 27, 2009

Day Late and a Belt Short?

(Photo the property of Getty Images)

Golf fashion articles are hot right now in mainstream media. Bill Pennington, NY Times golf guy, did this story over the weekend on the popularity of belts and buckles on the course. I'm all for bigtime exposure to this industry, but hasn't everyone gotten around to noticing that belts are back and bigger than ever in golf? (They are...update your arsenal accordingly.)

For the five golf fans in America who missed AK in the Ryder Cup last fall, this article may have been groundbreaking, but for the rest of us - old hat...Or old belt I guess...Thanks anyway...We're just being honest and if you're not coming here for an unfiltered take on golf style, then you're coming to the wrong gin joint.

We were pleased to see Bill mentioned both Druh Belts and Sumi-G - two KC cronies who make a very nice product.


nycrun said...

such interesting provenance the khakis have