Monday, July 13, 2009

Elevee Everywhere

(Photos the property of AP/Charlie Neibergal)

Sunday at the John Deere was like an Elevee parade. The upscale men's golf trousers could be found on the lower halves of seemingly everyone on the top half of the leaderboard, including: Lee Janzen, Tim Petrovic and Matt Jones. And Elevee wasn't carrying on quietly. Petrovic had on a pair of super distinct, dusty blue pinstripes, while Matt Jones went all Ryo Ishikawa on us with lime green and white trim.

I like the concept of a customizable men's golf pant - it's fantastic really. Besides Q'aja and Elevee, not much else is out there in this category.

The thing that irks me about Elevee trousers is the fit. They are just waaay too boot-cut. (You can see in the side-shot of Matt Jones how much they flare. Barry Gibb called, he wants his pants back.) And the overall fit is just enormous. (Without severe tailoring.) Now this is totally preference, I know most PGA Tour professionals do not want a narrow, tight slack, but these full pants look foolish on younger, thin guys like Jones. Even the slightly older guys should be in a trouser-width more like a Phil or a Stuart Appleby. Go on the Elevee website and look at the photo of Bill Haas. Not what I'd consider flattering.

What do you guys think of all these guys in these massive slacks? Is there an overly roomy trouser epidemic on Tour?


TXQ said...

Either those guys are sticking it to the script, to coin a phrase, or they're just wearing those pants for the Elevit.

Nada Klu said...

"Is there an overly roomy trouser epidemic on Tour?"

If there is, I blame North Korea. Or maybe Carolyn Bivens.