Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Phil's True Colors

(Photo the property of the Associated Press)

We were sitting around at the KC offices yesterday discussing Phil's return to the Tour, amongst other things, when someone brought up an interesting fact: since Phil began wearing his Q'aja bespoke polos in early '09, he has worn nearly every conceivable solid color, with one exception: pink. This prompted me to cycle back through nearly every photo I had of Phil in 2009 and sure enough, not a pink thread in sight. (Save for the now ever-present ribbon adorning Phil's headgear.)

For a style-conscious guy like Phil - who the KC is heavily considering for "Style Comeback of the Year" - we find it surprising that he hasn't taken the pink plunge. With all the dark pinstriped trousers he's been wearing this year, we think pink or light blue would be a natural choice. Come to think of it, Phil really doesn't do much in the pastel range, so maybe that, alone, is the reason for his pink-less season.

Phil's shirts, like his game, have trended towards the bold: bright orange, hunter green, deep royal, fire engine red, maroon, black, white - all crafted with a certain sheen that really photographs well. Tony Q has done an excellent job designing the polos. The photo above is from the U.S. Open in 2008, probably the closest Phil has come to a shade resembling pink, although I believe this was with his previous shirt-maker.

With Phil's shirt orders presumably in for the fall, will we see any pastels? Maybe a pastel H.O.F. belt to match? Nothing would surprise us in 2009 with Phil, and dammit, we respect that about him...


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