Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Inspirations

The KC Wants to Know...

(From Top to Bottom: Polo RL, J. Lindeberg, Bills Khakis and RLX)

What pants do you wear the most to play golf and why? If you're hopelessly hungover, late for your tee time and questioning your very existence, what are the pants draped casually over a chair or in the closet that you'll reach for without so much as a thought? Could be the fit, could be the details, could be the way you think they make your ass look when you address that fairway wood shot and the cart girl is looming. All are acceptable.  

Please DO NOT be shy, anonymous comments are fine, but WE WANT TO KNOW. 



(My favorite is a pair of Hugo Boss stretch cotton khakis I picked up in Charleston, SC about 4 years ago. I've worn the absolute crap out of them and they just get softer and softer.) 

Where Fashion Sits?

(Photo the property of The Associated Press)

There is some argument over who stated that 'a picture is worth a thousand words,' but no altercation involving the absolutely perfect proportions in this shot of AK. The trouser sits nicely on the shoe - "sittin' on the swish" as I kiddingly refer to it. I know it's a Nike swoosh, but it sounds much better when I sing it that way. Yes, I said 'sing...' 

Meanwhile, the sleeves are, for my taste, perfect. It's so satisfying to witness a complete look that fits so well and is pleasing to the eye. Usually the shirt works, but the pants suck or the pants are nice and the polo is billowy, etc. Everything is in a nice little package here proportionally.  

A lot of companies blast you with color like a finger-painting kindergartner, demanding "Look what we did!" - but forget all about how the garment wears and sits. Now, I'm not in love with these Nike items, styling-wise, but you simply cannot deny the fit. I guess that's where fashion sits...Hmm?


Monday, October 26, 2009

Slow and Trendy Wins the Race?!

The European Tour's equivalent of the FedEx Cup is the season-long Race to Dubai, which wraps in several weeks. In commemoration of the event, companies like Ralph Lauren and Puma have designed limited edition apparel and accessories that showcase the RTD logos.

The coolest, in our opinion, are the Puma Swing Crown GTXs pictured above - available only from your pals at

Done in white and silver - with blue lining and the Dubai skyline on the heel - these bad boys are sure to stand out at the club. Geoff Ogilvy, Johan Edfors and the rest of the fellas will be sporting these at the European Tour's finale, November 19-22 in Dubai.

Sneaker-heads who happen to be golfers are going to be into items like this and we're glad to see companies recognizing that. Puma definitely goes for that edgier demographic and tries to incorporate a streetwear feel to their golf collection. This kind of attitude is especially popular in Europe...and with Rickie Fowler having a big weekend, Puma is looking pretty strong on US soil as well.

You could go as far as saying we're pretty bullish on the Cat right now...


Sleeving Las Vegas?

(Photo the property of The Associated Press)

Did anyone else like how Jamie Lovemark's Nike golf shirts fit? Super trim and we loved the sleeve length. Perfect for a young guy. 

As far as the headline, it was actually Arizona, but who's counting? 


Friday, October 23, 2009

JL S/S 2010 Preview

(Lookbook photos the property of J. Lindeberg)

It's all in the details for JL spring/summer '10 gear. The Trevone pant and Tivone short feature contrast pick-stitching along the pocket with a strip of matching fabric lining the pockets. Very cool and totally unique in the golf market.
They've also redone two of our favorite JL warhorses - the Lachlan and the Lewis - in cotton instead of polyester, which is always a preferable change for us purists.

We're also really digging the color schemes. Love that electric blue running rampant through the collection (the bold stripe sweater pictured above is a personal favorite) and its powdery blue counterpart. The bright red and the cruise green/softer green combinations are bold and sophisticated. The several shades of brown keep things grounded; while whites, grays and blacks are expected and work to fill the bottom end.  

With continually great clothing and the addition of their new golf shoe, JL is looking head-to-toe-tough heading into next year. What else should we expect from the company that started this whole 'modern golf style' thing?

Shop JL at Trendygolf or the JL US Webstore


Thursday, October 22, 2009

6 hours in Cary, NC - Peter Millar Spring/Summer 2010 Preview

When the kind folks at Peter Millar were generous enough to extend the invitation to their office/showroom/warehouse in Cary, NC to hang out and preview the new 2010 stuff, I happily obliged. First of all, I hadn't been to the Carolinas since a brief stint living in Charleston and secondly, PM happens to be one of my favorite lines out there - I love the philosophy that Chris Knott has about clothing and I like being around a team that has a real passion for what they do. 

At PM they toss around phrases like "easygoing affluence," "attainable luxury" and "prestigious without being pretentious" - but they mean it.  These guys are all about their customer living the good life and creating the best quality clothing made of the finest materials that can be had - all with a carefree and very Southern mentality that consistently reminds us all to slow down; that life is to be enjoyed. 

PM clothing has that Italian sensibility for form and function and those same blasts of color that inspired Knott in 2001 when he sought out to create a cashmere sweater collection that stood apart. Add that to the mantra that beautiful clothing can be indicative of your success and station without being obnoxious and you have the winning philosophy that PM has ridden for the past 8 years, as their collection has grown to a truly lifestyle brand - encompassing the entire men's wardrobe from tailored suiting to boxer shorts. 

But now that the pleasantries are out of the way...a few things I did while in Cary. 

-Learned about the naming process for PM's outerwear styles and shirt colors...Hint: it's not that technical. Your favorite jacket for fall 2010 may be the namesake of a popular grilled sandwich. 

-Got shat on by a bird while eating pulled pork nachos in downtown Raleigh. ("It's good luck!" - says Millie, PM's Marketing Director.)

-Heard from Scott that PM has recently inked a deal with NBC to provide clothing to their announcing teams for golf and a few other special programs, which means Johnny, Dan and the boys will be looking a lot better next season. Maybe we'll see something besides a navy blazer or sport coat - For JM, let's bring back those glen-plaids and houndstooths of his youth. 

-Found out that tracking down a size Small in the giant PM warehouse is like looking for Tiger Woods at a Target. 

-Got excited when Chris got into his pitch about PM's new "tailored" distinction as an additional option in sizing and styling on selected polos and trousers, which will trim the silhouette down significantly. Look for that in Fall 2010. 

As far as the spring 2010 offerings, I'm loving the sun-washed collection of polos and pants, a few of the new shoe offerings (bit drivers in very Milanese colors and great looking boat shoes) and the genuine crocodile belts. (All pictured above.) As always, you can expect fantastic sweaters in various styles and the softest cotton golf shirts in the game.

Peter Millar knows and loves its' customer. The company's ability to keep making quality clothing that reflects current market demand while sticking to what has made them what they are is one of their greatest strengths. 

Thanks to Chris, Scott, Millie, Mike, Marcus and the rest of the team for a great day in NC.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Closet Case: Ian Poulter

(Photo the property of Getty Images)

We're slightly color blind after a quick go 'round in Ian's closet, courtesy of The session in the garage is just staggering, with all those custom Icons. FootJoy treats Poults very, very well - and vice versa of course, as Ian takes a moment to plug FootJoy's new MyJoy program for the flagship shoe. Quick turnaround time for custom shoes? Now that's something to be rosy about...Kind of makes us think of Ian's Valentine's Day-hued, pink and red, Icon wingtips. Will there be more heartbreak for Ian in 2010 or will he bust through for a Tour win? Only time will tell...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Makeover: Spencer Levin

(Photo the property of The Associated Press)

Spencer had a lot of attitude when he burst on the scene in the 2004 US Open at Shinnecock. The little dude had steam coming out of his ears after a poor putt, chain smoking and wowing crowds with impressive shotmaking on golf's toughest setup. You'd think that as a pro, the charisma he displayed in that oversize visor and flipped collar would translate to a personal style second-to- none. Well, at JT's Shriners event in Vegas, the only thing stylish about Spencer was his first round 62 - his clothing was the fashion equivalent of a big, wet divot. 

His trousers appear to be garden variety khakis and they fit pretty horribly. Spencer is slight enough to wear a slim golf trouser and look really sharp. Last I knew, he was wearing Dunning, but he's in Adidas here so maybe things are currently up in the air. In any event, he needs to visit a decent tailor or pick up an off-the-peg, trimmer pair like JL's Nicolas or RLX's Green pant. 

The whole look is bland and lacks punch - inject some much-needed color with a bold shirt or texture with a patterned/striped dark trouser. 

Spencer is a 20-something in a old man's gaucho belt. It looks like he picked it up at on the discount rack at Larry's Golf Universe. Get that man a thicker and more youthful offering - if he's with Adidas now, they should have him in the "3-stripe" silver buckle - he needs to be wearing a belt like eventual winner, Martin Laird. (59 Belts, Scottish Flag)

Bottom Line: Friends don't let friends wear bad clothes. Spencer, call us, buddy. The KC is always open. No need to drop the ball on your wardrobe choices next time...(Yes, that's an alternate headline for the above photo.) 


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Daily Inspirations

(All photos are sourced from various sites. The KC takes no credit nor claims ownership of any of them.)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Layyyer Brah"

You know all those fall layering techniques you're seeing in the magazines and on the streets? You can most certainly bring them to the golf course. Lots of apparel manufacturers are seeing the importance of transitional pieces for the golf course that can easily take you to the clubhouse and beyond - creating a truly 'lifestyle' collection. Two of the best at this are J. Lindeberg and Ralph Lauren...No shocker given their menswear pedigrees. 

I was messing around in the JL showroom this morning and put together an example of a pairing I utilize quite often for cooler morning temps on the course. The quilted jacket/tech vest/polo combination. The jacket gets thrown on as you leave the house, keeps you warm on the way to the course and perhaps, on the practice tee. The jacket then comes off to give you room to rip that first drive down the center, leaving your core warm in the tech vest. The vest may well stay on the entire round during the fall, or you may opt to stuff it in your bag as the round goes on.

The great thing about layering with zippered garments, like above, is you're never pulling something over your head. Golfers are a superstitious bunch and if they open with a few birdies, may not want to remove that sweater or other item for fear of jinxing the hot start. It's easier to slip out of something than commit to the removal of the hat, sunglasses, etc. Just a thought...

There are several other combinations you could mix in here. A cardigan could replace the tech vest, as could a V-neck sweater. You could even replace the outer jacket with a V-neck sweater, keeping the vest underneath like Luke Donald did at the Masters this past year. (Netting him an honorable mention for KC's Best Midseason Look, might I add...) 

This segues us nicely into Ralph Lauren RLX, you can see several of their takes on layering here, in my preview of spring/summer 2010. I was, as always, very impressed with the lightweight layering pieces RL had in store for next year, they practically invented this stuff on U.S. soil. 

You can buy all this stuff online or at a fine golf retailer nearest you...I've always wanted to say that. 


Monday, October 12, 2009

Star Spangled Banter

(Photos the sole property of Getty Images, Reuters Photos and AP Photo)

The USA made us proud this past week at the Presidents Cup. For the first time in years, it seemed like we had a genuinely cohesive unit out there. Congratulations to Freddie and the boys. 

At the KC we were very impressed overall with both captains' apparel selections. Clothing seems to be improving in quality and detail every year in these team events. Genuine appreciation should be given to the Greg Norman Collection, Ashworth, Elevee and the rest of the providers. The following will be a quick recap of days 2, 3 and 4. 

Day 2 (Photos 1+2): Loved the Internationals khaki ensembles with the diamond-patterned, powder blue polos. Very crisp, very professional, very European. The US was just "okay" in multi-stripe shirts and charcoal trousers. The pop came from the red hats, which seemed kind of out of place with the rest of the look. 

Day 3 (Photos 3+4): Total U.S. domination. And we don't mean solely on the scoreboard... The off-white/gray argyle, cashmere sweaters were possibly the best piece of the week. The INTLs looked classic in blacks and creams, but couldn't match up. 

Day 4 (Photos 5+6): More argyle, this time for the Internationals who just killed it. Their look yesterday was everything a team event 'uniform' should be: flattering, contemporary, appropriate and fun to wear. The US wore red shirts/hats in homage to Tiger's Sunday winning practices - and really looked quite sharp in the process - but definite edge to Greg Norman's side. 

We loved the classic inspiration of the apparel at Harding Park. More modern touches like sterling team belt buckles on the INTL side were paired with bold argyle, color-blocked and patterned polos. On the US side, as can be expected, there were lots of stripes and patriotic red flashes, but the best came when the bolder colors of the flag were left alone; iconic grays and whites - reminiscent of the gulls that circle the Bay Area - won the day. It was fun to see newer brands like Elevee alongside classics like Ashworth and Greg Norman and it was nice to see the quality and thought put into all the pieces worn. 

Here at the KC, we sometimes get so caught up in "what we could have done better" that we forget to sit back and see the successes and the strides that team looks have made through the years. We can only assume, with next year's Ryder Cup, that this progression and focus on quality and fit will continue.

-KC  (Proud golfers, Americans and style observers)


Friday, October 9, 2009

Presidents Cup - Day 1 - Apparel Watch

(Photos the property of Reuters Photos/AP Photo and Getty Images)

Day 1 team looks - quick recap: slight edge to the Americans, which is rare in recent years. I liked the professional look of the gray pinstriped trouser with the bold, red sweaters. Classic.
The International's polo shirts were a bit busy for my taste and I think, in team events, simplicity is going to succeed every time. The Sunday yellow shirts look really clean and fantastic - looking forward to those.
Obviously, fit varied by player and remained fairly consistent with their usual wardrobes on Tour; Camilo had his trademark shorter, bicep-hugging sleeves, Tiger could fit Y.E. Yang in his pants with him, Anthony Kim favored trimmer, younger cuts, Ryo's personal style continues to shine through, etc. etc.
Play-wise, the Americans look tough, but part of the reason why these team events are so thrilling, is you can just never tell...