Monday, July 20, 2009

Golfer We Like: Chris Wood

(Photos the property of Reuters and Getty Images)

Chris Wood is a lanky Brit with a laid-back demeanor and serious Open Championship game. You may recall him playing with Poulter on Sunday last year at Birkdale and tying for 5th as low amateur. He followed that up with a T3 at Turnberry. Chris is a modern golf clothing designer's dream at 6' 5'' and thin as a blade of fescue. He often wears a rather full trouser, (by Euro standards) that creates an interesting balance with his super-slim JL knits and polos.

In the final round at Turnberry, however, his pant was a very trim, very lightweight offering that we really think worked well (Top.) Chris, like Ryuji Imada, really bridges the gap between streetwear and golf attire. The clothing is worn in such a casual and comfortable way. As younger, at times edgier players begin to emerge, especially overseas, we think we'll only begin to see more and more of the blurring of the line of classic sportswear with street influences.

Obviously, Lindeberg is to thank for this fusion, but we'd hope to see other companies achieving similar results in the coming years. There's this beautiful understatement to Wood's clothing that is refreshing and also indicative of the economic and fashion climates outside the world of pro golf.



TXQ said...

"As younger, at times edgier players begin to emerge, especially overseas, ..."

...they'll certainly find breathing easier.

Dano said...

he definitely has a unique style, which in a world of automoton golf professionals is...refreshing. as a fellow 6'5"-er, well done Mr. Wood