Friday, July 24, 2009

Horsing Around...

(Photo the property of the Associated Press)

JL is not the lone passenger on the recently-released fall/winter '09 apparel train. The folks at Polo/RLX have introduced a limited selection of updated favorites in the RLX Golf stable. The Unite and Litchfield polos return in fall colors like Icelandic Blue and Regent Green; along with several fleece and performance pullovers and a vest, the Interlock Tee Time, making a new appearance. (Check it out in Slicker Yellow - wow - might be a good matchplay asset if you're planning on blinding your opponents.)

Very much looking forward to all the new collections from the best of the rest. Right here is where it all goes down, so don't go too far into cyberspace without circling back around to your friends here at the KC.

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