Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Red Belt Done Right - The KC's Delight

( Photo of Edfors is the property of AP Photos/Morry Gash - Will Mackenzie is the property of Getty Images)

I purchased a red belt earlier this season from my pal Simon at Druh. Since then I have been struggling with ways to wear my scarlet leather. I was hesitant to the idea of wearing it strictly with a red shirt and doing that whole Camilo thing, because I thought that I could come up with something better.

Earlier this season I saw Willie Mac (above, bottom) wear a red gator with his otherwise black and white ensemble and I loved it. Then at the U.S. Open, the always stylish Swede Johan Edfors sported the above look. This too, I really appreciated.

I especially liked Edfors pairing the red accessories with dark khaki/tan trousers. I hadn't even contemplated such a combination.

With Willie's look (For your reference, he was wearing white and black Adidas 360's) you can sub in any bright colored belt and the look is successful. That is what is so great about neutral bases. With Edfors though, the red belt might appear out of place if not for the stripe on those sizzling Puma shoes (I want a pair) and the detailing on his shirt. The belt needs some sort of anchor when you deviate from a black and white base - Edfors and Puma chose well. (Although technically, I suppose you could do white and khaki with a complimentary colored belt, as long as you kept your shoes white.) Just something to consider next time you get dressed. As for me and my red belt...I have a few new ideas. Thank you golf universe.

If you're in the market for a nice strap, you can't choose better than House of Fleming or Druh. Links to these sites are available on the right side of this fantastic little blog. Cheerio.



Nada Klu said...

Huh. Who woulda thunk a golf blogger could be well red.

Naria Klu said...

"I was hesitant to the idea of wearing it strictly with a red shirt and doing that whole Camilo thing, because I thought I could come up with something better."

Even if you come up with something better, KC, I'd guess Camilo's gallery would outnumber yours, but it would be close.

Btw, my patented system for estimating gallery size is simple: I just count all the legs and divide by two.

Fancy Pants said...

It's hard to beat the look of red with khaki, as you mentioned KC. Various combos of red, white, and blue can be done, but you have to be careful. If your like me the outfit that most lends itself to a red belt is a pair of plaid pants. I've been known to do the whole "Poulter" thing.


Rob Roth said...

I have never seen a muni or local NYC golfer with a red belt..

Where you playing at?

The Khaki Crusader said...


If you're pulling that Poults look off on a regular basis we need pictures. send 'em over!


As I said, the red belt hasn't made its way to the course yet, but I usually play in the 'burbs of NY and CT.


Fancy Pants said...

Sorry haven't kept up lately KC. Uh, I'll have to scrounge around if you really want a photo. I would say I attempt to pull off the Poulter look on a semi regular basis, more so in the fall/winter.
Also, most of my plaid (or solid) Poulter looking pants are vintage. I think that would be a good subject for a future post, vintage items and how to update them (combos, tailoring, etc.)