Thursday, July 23, 2009

Royal Pains?

(Photo the property of AP/Tom Hevezi)

Sir Nick may have lost his footing at the Senior British Open, but I'm sure he'll get a decent knight's sleep after an even par 70. Fred Funk leads the way at (-6) after a 64. Tom "Turn it Back" Watson is 3 off the lead.

Nick is one of those guys who could be the most stylish player on the course if he actually gave a crap. He used to wear Pringle better than anyone. Now he looks like an SEC football coach. I'm getting royally flushed thinking about it. Okay, those jokes are over. Goodnight.



TXQ said...

Faldo must've said goodbye, Mr. Chips, to Pringle.

TXQ said...

I think Faldo looks pretty damn sharp in that pic.

And in relatively good shape/strong for his age, especially considering his job, which is basically a sitting announcer.

My headline might've been Natty Knight.