Monday, July 27, 2009

Looks We Liked...Anthony Kim - Round 1 - Canadian Open

(Photo the property of the Associated Press/Frank Gunn)

The reason this look stood out for us is Anthony is usually a solid shirt, solid trouser guy; often choosing crisp and neutral all-over or vibrants with white trousers. I love the variations both with the addition of the vest and also with the bright green stripe on the polo. So really, he keeps two of his best-known style attributes: the bright colors and the whites, but he does it in a totally new and interesting way.

A great way to look sharp is to do a coordinating trouser and vest (like AK does in khaki) and then add a little punch of color with the shirt. (Whether in a solid or a pattern.) One of our favorite ways to achieve this is a black vest, black trouser with some shade of lighter blue underneath. It's the clothing equivalent of a drivable par-4 and takes some work to screw up. You could do AK's look above with a hunter or kelly green polo and the look might even be better, so never stop experimenting. Remember, fashion is fun. We have an old metal sign that says that hanging over the door at the KC offices; when we leave to get coffee we slap it like the Fighting Irish heading out onto the field. It gets intense...


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