Thursday, April 30, 2009

And you thought a headcover was just an oversized sock...

What do you get when you cross an Asian-inspired name with Norwegian minimalist design influences, house your project in Utah and set out to simplify golf's simplest accessories? Well, you get Sumi-G. You may have seen them at the PGA show, you may have read about the way they've re-designed the headcover, (5 patents pending) you may have never heard of them at all, but Sumi-G is determined to change the way you think about playing the game.

Sumi-G ("Sumi" refers to the dense black ink used in traditional Asian calligraphy; the "g" refers to golf) took some of things we take for granted in golf and tried to make them more functional. The first and most note-worthy is their headcovers. I just watched a video with Sumi-G's founder Marius demonstrating how the headcover works and it looks pretty damn cool. Be sure to check it out - it may take Aleve right out of your pre-round routine.
How times have changed; when I was a junior golfer the coolest thing going was to turn the original rust-colored Taylor Made Burner-Bubble headcovers inside out - which revealed multicolored striped guts reminiscent of a hacky-sack.
Marius' take on the game is that "...the best golf tools are designed to fit the player's game, not the other way around. If the player has to change his routine to use a tool, the tool will be in the way of his process and it won't be as helpful as it was meant to be. Simplifying the player's process through these tools should help him relax, think more about the game, and find more enjoyment in play. And you still have to look good. Great design doesn't have to be a luxury or afterthought..." (Courtesy of Laura Kvinge)

I've been talking alot with Laura Kvinge at the company and they're extremely enthusiastic about the success they've had since officially launching in January. They're setting up an online shop very soon so you'll be able to buy the products online at their website. The details on the products are what have stood out for me. The belts (brown, black and white straps with solid or double-pronged buckles) are high-quality leather with red suede lining and removeable ball markers. Usually I'm not into gimicky stuff like that, but the sleekness and utter nonchalance of these products are very appealing. They also do hats, bags and other accessories, with plans to expand into more products as they go - all with the idea that quality and minimal interference is paramount. Sumi-G wants you to enjoy this damn game! What are you waiting for?

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