Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"59" Buckles

Danny Lee's "59" Buckle makes him... wanna dance

(Images courtesy of 59belts.com/Associated Press/Chris O'Meara/Mory Gash/David J. Phillip)

Now as rabid a consumer as I can be, I've never really caught the whole "buckle craze" that has taken over the tour in the past 2 years. That being said, "59" belts has alot to offer the buckle fiend in your foursome. You may have seen "59" buckles on the waists of several young players at the Masters. Both Danny Lee and Rory McIlroy were seen sporting these solid steel, individually made pieces that initially made a splash on the LPGA Tour. The coolest thing about these buckles, to me, is that there's no minimum order. You can get a custom belt buckle made with your logo or initials without a huge upcharge and the headache of having to rationalize buying 3-5 pieces at once. Their pre-designed buckles are well thought out and often patriotic: The Union Jack "Bobbie" buckle in copper (above) is any Brit's dream.
Straight outta Sin City, "59 Belts" also offers a good selection of hats, belt straps and other accessories. Definitely worth a look for all you country club cowboys out there. Yee-frickin-haw!

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