Friday, April 3, 2009

Phil's got the white

(Photos courtesy of AP/David J. Phillip)

Congratulations Phil. After several weeks of toiling about, unsure, flustered about exactly how to incorporate your new white gator belt into the mix, you've finally figured it out: if you're going to sport the white belt, you need the bright white shoes and white cap. In the shortened first round of the Shell Houston Open, the pieces finally fell into place for Mr. Mickelson. He looked dapper as hell in greys and whites, by far the best look he's put together this year. Ah, it's quite satisfying... I now know how proud fathers must feel when they take their sons in for their first suit. If you'll recall, the KC made a suggestion to Phil back in February that he mix up his shoe game a little. This is the first time in recent memory I've seen Phil donning white kicks and as you'll rarely see, I'm simply lost for words...(insert tear of joy and knowing smile here.)

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