Monday, April 27, 2009

Chucky, Chucky, Chucky, can't you see?

(AP Photo by Bill Haber)

Charlie Howell the Third, one of the KC's favorite to see the guy succeed. However, as I watched the final round of the Zurich yesterday afternoon, I just couldn't help getting a little teed off. (All KC puns are intended) The Ashworth duds just aren't you Chucky. Now, you may not be a Lindeberg lover anymore, but it looked a heck of a lot better on you than this stuff does. You're just not a sleeves past your elbow type guy, what do you weigh, 150 tops? And honestly the pants are too full on you. They don't quite look foolish, but they don't look good...I know you've bulked up a little in the gym over the past year or two - show it off. I'm not asking for you to go out there in skinny jeans, but the fits need to improve. I vow, as the golf style crusader that I am, to leave no carefully folded stack of pima polos unturned until you make a change. Not a change from Ashworth necessarily (I'm sure you have a pretty hefty deal...that being said, who can put a price on style?) but make them design you something nice and form-fitting. It would make us at the KC very happy and you don't want to turn your back on the fans, do you Chuckmeister? I remember when you stormed on Tour out of OSU, we had high, high hopes for you here at the KC. A rarity back then, as an American golfer with the build to sport European influenced looks with ease. Along with Jesper, you were a JL crusader...We hate to see you back in baggies after all you've done for the style landscape on Tour. You had some confused years swapping around apparel and sporting those horrible early 2000's Callaway shoes, but the shirts and trousers remained trim, the focus intact. We know you're buddies with Eldrick, but the pants are slowly starting to look like the World #1. A wise man once told me "Drive like Tiger and you will never hit first, putt like Tiger and you will never finish last...but dress like Tiger and you will never receive compliments..." Something to chew on while you're out shopping for new pants Chucky...


Fancy Pants said...

Agree with you KC, Charlie Three Sticks just doesn't have it when it comes to finishing or style on his own. I've always had the impression that CH III must have gotten his outfits sent straight from JL paired as how he was intended to wear them, no personal style there and no chance to screw up the look. Because if it really was your style, there is no way you would just leave a brand and go back to looking so ordinary. I also think it's possible that Bads was outfitted similarly, as some of this Penguin stuff doesn't match to well.
KC you may have a little more insider information, is that how it works with some of these guys? Are they told what to wear? We know Nike and Adidas do it. But I get the distinct impression Camillo and certainly Poulter (since he helps design it) pick out at least some of their own stuff.

The Khaki Crusader said...


Interesting point you made about individual styles of these guys. I agree with you on CH3, I think Jesper got him jazzed on JL, but that wasn't really him.

I have to believe Poulter wears exactly what he wants. I hope Camilo does...other than JL perhaps asking him to wear certain pieces in a given tournament before they unveil them to the public etc. I think it's apparent who the guys with strong style are, that's why their respective apparel companies chose them to begin with and I hope they afford them the creative control.