Monday, April 27, 2009

Golf Style in the News

(Photo of John Paul Newport borrowed from the Wall Street Journal)

Here at the KC we were getting piles of emails this weekend - due to a golf style feature by John Paul Newport in the WSJ and a golf "makeover" in this month's GQ. Newport's remarks on the state of the style game on Tour start out discretionary (bad plaids and "full Clevelands") but culminate with the fact that young pro's fashion choices are creating both a wider audience for the game and a higher level of marketability for themselves. Amen. Let it also be said that the KC is slightly offended we weren't interviewed for the story - We dropped J.P.N. an email and hope he gets on the KC train next time around.

GQ's contribution to the golf style universe this month was part of their regular feature: Project Upgrade. In this case, the genre was golf style and the upgradee was Hayward McEver, an Atlanta based insurance broker, who made Lee Janzen's pants look like Dior Homme. Anyways, you know the routine, GQ swoops in and outfits Hayward in some slim Lacoste trousers (nice fit by the way) Adidas Porsche design shirt and instantly his sartorial idiocies are a thing of the past. The thing I found most interesting and most true about the article is Hayward, like so many players, had purchased apparel only from his club's respective pro shop and fit is an afterthought. One of the reasons I created this blog is to let people know that there are so many other places to get great golf apparel besides golf shops. And you don't need a Rubinacci on speed dial either - Hayward was shocked to find out that you can buy an off the rack pair of pants that fit like gold. I think Hayward learned his lesson and you should too.

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