Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Technical lightweight vests

(Photo courtesy of RLX golf)
(Photo borrowed from jlindeberg.com)

I think something every style-conscious golfer needs this spring is a technical, lightweight vest. If you play early-morning golf on the weekends as many of us do, sometimes it's nice to throw something warm on for the trip to the course.

Here at the KC we prefer a vest over items like pullovers or a sweater, simply for its ease of removal - you can play the first few holes in it, un-zip, stuff it in your bag and move-on without breaking stride or removing items like hats and sunglasses - and its comfort of movement. Lindeberg just released a new vest, the Wilton (above) and it looks pretty great. The RLX Sawgrass vest from S/S 2008 was also a great one and the one above (top) is a Full-zip Fleece Tour Vest from the 2009 line.
Both vests feature a trim cut and cool detailing on the shoulders and back - trust me you'll be the toast of the first tee in one of these. Everyone appreciates a nice vest. Wear it with both shorts and pants... a very transitional and must-have piece for year-round.


Anonymous said...

Vests are awesome and very functional, however I dont think they should be lumped in with pullovers, which serve a totally different purpose. With a good number of pullovers being rain resistant, they also provide protection against a light rain shower in places a vest does not. The stylish golfer should own both vests and pullovers and know when it is necessary to wear them.

The Khaki Crusader said...

We agree with you Anonymous.