Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mr. Imada's Masters

My man Ryuji is playing in his first Masters this week and keeping a diary for ESPN. Although, Ryuji, I must say that Am Runner-up Drew Kittleson's diary is kicking your diary's a**. Sorry buddy. Make sure to check that out.

But back to Ryuji, as most readers are aware, I love the experimentation. This look is an example of why. He wears all different kinds of pieces, some, like the trouser above (notice the button-flap) you won't see on anyone else. He does different variations with his belts - braided etc. But what I like most about the look above is everything looks good together without matching. Nothing kills me more than an overly matchy outfit, which is fairly prevalent on tour in the last few years. I don't need the color of the stripe on your shirt to perfectly match your pants, show me a little knowledge of the color wheel here.
Ryuji is in all muted tones above, with just a little blast of soft green at the neck. We all know there are plenty of bright colors on the fairways and sometimes it is nice to see the volume turned down. (Not to say that bright colors aren't great in their own way...) The point is, it's refreshing to me and Ryuji consistently mixes between different styles and still always makes them decidely his own. I would say that when I see a guy looking like this I'd refer to their look as an "Imada," but I guess what is so cool about him is the fact no one ever does...Now work on that diary Ryuji! How about a fashion diary of the Masters...If I was there, that's what I'd be working on...Why isn't Marty doing that? Yeh, I'm calling you out Marty....

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Do you know what kind of pants Ryuji wears?