Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Throwback

(Photo courtesy of Ron Watts Private Collection/Edwin Watts Golf)

I like this photo of Seve. The look is clean, crisp, simple. Throw a white Taylormade cap on him and this could easily be Sergio circa '09. When I first read about Seve, I was blown away by how much he did for European golf. These days, cohesion and understanding between the European and US Tours is so commonplace, but in 1981, Seve was ousted from the European Ryder Cup team for playing too much over here and at the same time in a pissing match with the PGA Tour because he wanted to play half his time back in Europe. Disjustice on several levels for the golfer who two years earlier had integrated the rest of continental Europe into the Ryder Cup and was already at that time a Masters and British Open Champion. (At 23!) For all Johnny Miller's questionable comments on the air, one thing I do love is he always mentions Seve. You can tell there is real reverence there. At 51, Seve will begin a 4th round of chemo therapy tomorrow, what he called "...the toughest 72 holes I've ever played." The folks at the KC wish him the best of luck.


Matt said...

put a red cardigan on him and it looks what I would wear to a Christmas party

Anonymous said...

you forgot the santa hat. you always wear that.