Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking a stand...

(AP Photo courtesy of Chuck Burton)

Everyone in the golf world is so obsessed with Phil's fashion choices these days; and the responses haven't been favorable. "His sleeves are too short and too tight" "His polos are 2 sizes too small," "What's he doing wearing that white belt anyway?" Lefty can never catch a break from fans for trying to experiment in the apparel and accessories department. Because we get comments and questions constantly at the KC, we feel the need to let everyone know our position on the matter and that stand is with Mr. Mickelson. Yes, that's right. We're on board with Lefty - the shorter sleeves, the big white gator belt, the full Cleveland, (white belt, white shoes) the semi-present "man boobs," all of it. We love it. We can't help it. I mean Phil takes crap for a white belt when 99 percent of the Tour is following suit. And don't say it's because he's a little bigger in the mid-section - plenty of larger gents have sported the blanco strap. The only guy not to don a white belt is Tiger and let's just say shall we that he isn't really into setting or following fashion trends.

Let's break it down; the polos. Gripers will tell you they're too small. The KC can certainly see this, I mean some of them look a little tight on the big fella. But although Phil is pectorally-challenged on certain weeks, he does have some guns - maybe he feels like showing them off. You know what, maybe he just likes tight clothing? We don't have an issue with that at the KC, in fact we like our stuff pretty tight too. (Granted we average a 30 waist and none of us have "man-boobs") Plus, the polos are gorgeous. They are maybe the best looking shirts anyone is wearing on Tour right now. And what's this BS with people hating the button-down/button-under collar? Are you serious? It's unique! I mean how much can you really do to a golf shirt at the end of the day? Any little feature you can add (military shoulders a la JL, button-under collar, BD collar, back-detailing) keeps things fresh. We happen to have more than a pretty good idea of who is making these polos for Phil and the quality is unsurpassed. The shirt he's wearing above with the blue piping- tell us you wouldn't want it...That's what we thought.

The white belt. What is the issue? Are people up in arms because Phil has a big waistline and the belt accentuates it? I heard a few comments from reputable sources and really, guys, I think at the end of the day you're all just looking to throw stones at Phil because he has the guts to be a 37-inch waisted golfing superstar and wear whatever the hell he wants. I mean let's be realistic: The guy is a few pounds away from being a human clothes you remember Phil in his junior golf and ASU days? The guy has a strong sense of style. And if Phil was European would we even be addressing this issue? Darren Clarke? Huh? Lee Westwood? Miguel A. Jimenez? The point is if Phil dropped a quiet 15 lbs. or went by Phillipe, this wouldn't be an issue.
Here at the KC offices we go back and forth on alot of issues and we've been on both sides of this camp, but it's time to put an end to it. There's no need to ask how we feel about Phil anymore, the KC thinks Phil is Ph**king Phabulous. Period.

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