Monday, April 13, 2009

Shingo's Asics

(AP Photos courtesy of Charlie Riedel/David J. Phillip/Rob Carr/Mory Gash)

All the buzz in America is always about Shingo Katayama's cowboy hat, but personally, I was staring at his kicks...I'm a classic shoe guy myself, but there was something about the super aggressive Asics design I liked. I did a little research and I don't think you can get your hands on them in the US just yet, but they have a great little story behind them.

Apparently, cricket players in Austrailia would wear Asics' "GEL Bowral" cricket shoes on the golf course. People took notice and inquired as to how they could get the new "Asics golf shoe." Asics, realizing the demand, put out the "GEL Albatross." They are now available in Asia and Austrailia and were on the feet of Shingo in Augusta. And that my friends is how babies are made...

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