Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And the Canucks Rejoice...

(Photos courtesy of AP/Mary Ann Chastain)

Canadian golf apparel manufacturer Sligo has got to be pleased with Brian Gay's winning tendencies since signing with them in early '08. Gay has two wins while sporting the "bright is right" brand that touts technologically advanced materials and fashionable cuts. While we here at the KC will admit that the fit seems to be quite nice, I just can't get past the overdone look of the whole package. Sligo is one of several companies on the apparel scene that shamelessly frolick in Lindeberg's wake, taking each lime green and electric orange scrap as it comes. We just don't find it progressive in any way. It's cartoony. On the website, Sligo talks about Brian Gay blending both contemporary and classic looks. I think most would agree with us when we ask "Where is the classic?" I see the whole, let's wear loud pastels until we throw up thing (I guess contemporary?) but I don't see anything classic. The best looks from Sligo are the more understated ones like Gay wears above (dark shirt, plaid trouser) but those, to us, end up looking like they could have come from Penguin, Quagmire, even Poulter Designs. There is just very little experimentation, it seems like if you're churning out predictable plaids, pastels and firm point collar shirts, someone is going to buy it. I don't mean this to be a rant on Sligo, they really do have nice-fitting clothing. We at the KC just know these guys could churn out something more unique, more progressive and mo' bettah. Bar set.

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Anonymous said...

You could consider the black plaid and black shirt to be "traditional" and pretty good looking, but as a whole I agree with you. I actually think the first few years of Sligo were better than the past two. I like a few pieces, but some of the stuff is just boring, some of it looks like Puma, and some of it looks a bit redneck.