Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Throwback

(Photo courtesy of Ron Watt's Private Collection/Edwin Watts Golf)

And you were wondering why they called it a reverse "C" finish... Well played Mr. Faldo. Simon Hurd's interview below got me thinking about Nick and I nabbed this photo of him in the Open Championship in '84. Like the fit of everything alot here. Stylish fellow in his day for sure, got progressively relaxed as he grew older, the bad sweaters came out, the windbreakers. No one looked better in a turtleneck and a V-neck sweater than Nick did at his height. Loved the socks last year at the Ryder Cup opening ceremonies. For those that missed it, Nick had his Brit-whimsy turned all the way up, sporting socks the color of the EU flag, which really set him apart next to 'Zinger's dull getup. Here at the KC, we like whimsical things. I mean we do spend an awful lot of time discussing golf clothing. We aren't your average blokes. If we were, you wouldn't like us...You do like us right?

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