Friday, May 1, 2009

KC Mailbag Sample Session: Critters and shorts, Shorts and Critters

(Photos borrowed from Brooks and

Anonymous writes:

I do want you to weigh in on the policy about shorts on tour. Do you think this would add some versatility to the players wardrobe or allow Boo Weekly to wear a rather large pair that lets him air out?

Separately, its become popular for some designers like Polo and Brooks Brothers to make pants with little animals on them, crabs, whales, dogs… ect. I have yet to see any tour players rock this style, thoughts?

Dear Anonymous,

Do you really want to see Boo Weekly's chapped white legs? I don't. Yes, certainly allowing tour players to wear shorts during practice and or competition would add versatility, but it also takes away from one of the best things about golf: tradition. Professional male golfers wear pants, because it's expected and it's appropriate. Besides etiquette and a promise of fair play, it's one of the last traits of a gentleman's game that hasn't gone out the window. Plus, let's face it, pro golfers have some of the coolest and most enviable lives around, so it's only fair that they have funny "farmer's" tans we can laugh at them for.

As for the second-half of your question, as Ivy League style cues have infiltrated the mainstream, we've seen more "critters" appear on pants and shorts. Personally, I think that small blip of attention is over and now critters have fallen back to their original owners: Preppy Handbook types and left field Trads that like their wide wale cords with a dose of puppy dog. I went to college with several guys who liked critter pants, hmm...but I'm deviating...No, you won't see this style on Tour unless it's on Brett Quigley who wears clothing by Vineyard Vines. (He may have done it already, I have no idea) Scott Verplank wore Brooks Brothers, but I don't see him as a critter-type and Davis may have done a patterned shirt or pants at one point (like the Polo shorts above) but he would never, ever wear a "critter!"
But I should be wary: when it comes to fashion in general you can't ever say never, Anonymous. So, keep your eyes open.

With respect,


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