Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The word from Hurd

(Photo courtesy of Druh Belts and Buckles)

Simon Hurd, Creative Director at Druh Belts and Buckles and Asian Touring professional, attended his first Masters this year. The KC tracked down the globe-trotting "Hurdy" for a few quick reflections on the trip.

KC: What was your favorite thing about attending the Masters? Who did you come over with?
HURDY: Just appreciating how hilly the course is and how hard the greens are to read.I stayed with Ian Poulter in his house all week, 8 lads good fun. And luckily flew on Justin Rose's jet back to Lake Nona.
KC: Did you meet anyone you'd been hoping to meet? Who were you rooting on?
HURDY: I was there to see Robert Karlsson to give him some belts and speak with him.I met Arnold Palmer also that was a thrill to chat with him.Rooting for all Europeans but mostly Poulter and Rose
KC: Other than Druh belts and buckles, what is the most stylish/smart accessory you saw players wearing at Augusta?
HURDY: There is a company that makes belts in the USA, (House Of Fleming) they are $500 each and they are fantastic but only a very few can afford them.
KC: Before you became a professional golfer, what golf apparel brands did you buy?
HURDY: Pringle was the style 18 years ago, because of Nick Faldo, so i was wearing that.
KC: Masters Champ Angel Cabrera, stylish player?
HURDY: He has ordered some belts from DRUH so a bit of style. Stylish? No, not really just looks like an [average] golfer not a stylish one.

Thanks to Simon for the time. Cheers and good luck.

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