Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Savor the Flavor

(AP Photos courtesy of Charlie Riedel/Chris O'Meara/Rob Carr/David J. Phillip)

There's something about looking at photos from Monday through Wednesday at the Masters that gives me the chills. (And it's not the ever-present winter hats and layers) There's so much access. As someone who hasn't spent nearly as much time as I'd like around the tour, the practice round days at the Masters lend such a human quality to my golfing heroes. The practice round pairings, the par-3 contest - all are in the interest of togetherness, before the seriousness of Thursday unfolds. Like any exclusive club, the field invited to Augusta every year are all so happy to be there and the joy just spills over into comraderie. It's the first blowout of the year on the PGA Tour Social Calendar and man, does it look fun.
I've always thought of the second week in April as a pause of sorts, a re-evaluation of whats-what in the golfing universe. I saw an ad for the other day for the return of the MLB season and it was a shot of Fenway Park, reading: "Here, we celebrate New Years in April..." Even though the PGA Tour season is more than 3 months old, I find it's no different here: A new beginning, a new opportunity. Jim Nantz's hearty "Welcome friends..." Dave Loggins "Augusta" that I've heard even non-golf fans say is the most soothing tune they can remember. All point towards something special about to unfold and unfold it always does.. But until the first official ball is in the air, let's try to savor the preceedings, shall we?...It always moves a little too fast for my taste.

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Ryan said...

i often listen to "Augusta" and hear Jack Piper's soothing Nance impression....i'd argue it's more relaxing then a trip to Lily's Spa....