Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who's Ready?

(AP Photos/Matt York/Lenny Ignelzi/Reed Saxon)

I know this is a golf style blog, but sometimes I just can't help but get really, really psyched for just plain old golf...I've had a thought over and over this week that with the commencement of today's Accenture Match Play Championship, professional golf as a whole is really at the height of its run towards perfection. You know when you just get that feeling? I can't shake it this week: Tiger's back, Phil is fresh off a win. We have tremendously talented young players at the height of their games: Rory McIlroy, AK, Camilo, Luke, Badds, Geoff, Hunter. An amazing group of Euro players: Paddy, Sergio, Poulter, Rose, GMac, Karlsson, Stenson. International stalwarts Ernie, Veej, Trevor, Appleby and Goosen. Its just perfect enough to feel totally comfortable sitting back and enjoying our game at its peak.
Damn it feels good to be a golfer.

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