Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spotlight on a Webstore:

(voucher graphic courtesy of

I've been a big fan of Trendy Golf for a while. For our money here at the KC, this English shop has the best stable of fashion forward golf brands under one cyber roof. The only problem is the fact its based across the pond, which means if you're ordering, you're doing so in GBP and paying alot more.

I was also just looking at their blog for the store and they called the Buick Invitational the trendiest golf tournament they've seen in recent memory. If I'm not mistaken, what did the KC just report the other day? I love these guys!

What the US needs is an outpost for style conscious golfers to be able to buy the newest stuff online when they need it. I know there are a few out there. There is, which has a good idea and carries some decent brands, but they also have alot of crap. Give me every cool brand under one roof, a one stop shop for golf style. And have this shop plugged in with the best brands in the world so they are getting this stuff on time and ready to go. I think I just talked myself into opening a webstore. Launching 2010 - The Khaki Crusader online pro shop. Look for it.

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