Thursday, February 19, 2009


(Image courtesy of the Associated Press/AP Photos)

Anthony: "Look KC, what's that up there??"

KC: "Easy AK, that's just GolfWRX on their high horse..."

GolfWRX, the hugely popular golf forum, which, prior to this incident, I was greatly enamoured with, has banned the KC for posting in a few chatrooms (ok maybe 20) about how people should come visit my blog (shameless self-promotion) and mentioning that if they had any golf style questions for Tony Q'aja they should come by and ask them. (Not selfish at all - in fact, quite damn nice of me...) Anyways, the evil dictators over there banned me from all chat rooms and ALL access. So I can't even get on the site or access my profile. Pretty rough I know. I wrote several emails asking to be re-instated, but I've gotten nothing in return but the oh-so-cold shoulder of disregard. If any KC readers would shoot an email to the administrators (and I use that term loosely and with a healthy dose of disdain) over at GolfWRX, I'd greatly appreciate it. Although at this point they probably won't let me back. That, ladies and gentleman, is why I am golf's bloggin' bad boy. Come and get me.

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