Thursday, February 5, 2009

Slow down Puma...

(Photo courtesy of AP/Matt York/Chris Carlson/Mark Avery)

I want to like Puma Golf. I want to like it so much sometimes it makes me lightheaded. I love how they are making a real effort to push their products and are getting celebrities to hawk their goods and signing up young and hip golfers that reflect their aesthetic, but.....but.........I don't like critters on my pants and I don't like hexagons...There I said it. Take this look on Geoff Ogilvy, I'll say it again, I really want to like you Puma, but you need to slow down with the crazy crap going on with shapes and preforations and mojo and ballyhoo and whatever else is injected. How many logos do you need on a shirt at once? How many nimble leaping jungle cats (PUMAs for the layman) do you need to adorn your clothes. I'm tired. My eyes got tired from looking at Geoff's shirt. Puma, help me out. I put you on my blog, because you're a young, progressive golf manufacturer and I want you to succeed, but at the end of the day the clothes are for golf, not skateboarding. I bet alot of you are reading this and going, KC - whats your deal? You don't like boring sh*t, but you don't like loud sh*t, what do you like? And I say to you my friend, you have answered your own question. I like a happy freakin little medium. And it is my constant pursuit to show you just what I'm after. Follow me friends.


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