Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Poults" is serious...

Marty Hackel and Ian Poulter at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show (photo courtesy of

(Photo courtesy of Ian Poulter Design)

I haven't given Ian Poulter's clothing line, Ian Poulter Designs any airtime on the KC because I wasn't sure he was really serious about it. It seemed like a half a** way to get a few more pairs of tartan trousers in loud colors out on the links and little more. However, as you will rarely find, the KC is about to eat his words. "Poults," as his mates call him, is pretty damn serious when it comes to this line - and the Fall/Winter 2008 and Spring 2009 are hard evidence of that. Sure, there's the classic Poulter tartans in teal and purple that might get you laughed off the 1st tee, but there's some really great pieces here if you sift through to the basics. Union Jack vests, No, I'm fine with those thanks - but the cords, yes cords for golf, are a phenomenal choice. (The photo above features Poulter in a blue pair) He's also got some herringbone twill trousers for the Spring that are a really cool and different golf piece. Not to mention some nice shorts in basic colors and some great belts. However, the real star here is the v-neck "jumpers" - he's got (3) offerings with a solid front and a tartan back design that I really think are cool - Plus a bunch of solid offerings in great colors with accents and piping. The new "Tour" polos look very nice too. What I love about Poulter's line, besides the sheer size of the collection and its depth, is the fact that everything you'll see him wearing on tour will be available to purchase, usually right when you see him wearing it. (If you'll recall I made a mention of some of the clothing in a post back in December when I saw him wearing the blue cords in the Korean open - and sure enough they have them in (3) colors) available right on the website. (...On sale no less) Of course you're wondering if Ian is bringing the line to US stores and clearly this is in the works given his recent appearance at the PGA Show. He did a full fashion show for the line and an interview with Marty Hackel from Golf Digest. (pictured above) By the way, great pants Marty. "Mr. Style" was lookin sharp at the show.

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