Monday, February 2, 2009

Charley Hoffman is keeping America beautiful

(Photo courtesy of AP/Matt York)

Since 2007, yesterday's runner-up at the FBR Open Charley Hoffman has been working alongside his sponsor, Waste Management, to support "Keep America Beautiful" with his Green Glove charity. The idea is simple, Charley wears a green glove, the earth magically heals itself. This is a fantastic cause and I have no idea how much money they've raised, but wouldn't Locks of Love be a better option at this point for Charley? Just something to munch on. I do love the custom two-tone green FJ Classics.

In a completed unrelated story, did anyone catch that Michael Phelps was also doing his part to keep America 'greener?' Look it up...


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Alden said...

HAHA michael phelps. Nice.