Friday, February 6, 2009

Light and Dark

(All photos courtesy of AP/Denis Poroy/Chris Park)

Thursday at the Buick brought cool temps to the Cali coast and the sweaters and pullovers came out in full force. One thing you'll notice about my three favorites from Day 1, Luke, Camilo and Aaron, is that they all chose a really dark colored sweater and very light shade of trouser. I like this look alot and I've been doing it in the winter here in New York. I think really light trousers off the course in the winter are a bold move, but if executed correctly, it can be a home run. On the course, you can't miss with a bone, off-white or even white pant with a black or navy sweater - its nautical in its classic-ness and never goes out of style.
Badds is currently duking it out with Charley Hoffman for who can have the longest lettuce on Tour after Camilo hit the barbershop.


Matt said...

Sean you love white jeans

gk8679 said...

I was thinking about this blog on Thursday with CV's argyle sweater and wondering what you thought. Glad to see you liked it.