Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oxford Golf has really good marketing

(All photos courtesy of Oxford Golf/

I'm always checking out apparel websites and usually grunting under my breath how they suck. Oxford golf is no different. Once arriving at the site, you're greeted with a large picture of David Toms staring happily into the distance thinking about how boring his Oxford polo shirt is and how great it was to stick a wedge close and beat Phil in the PGA. Don't get me wrong, I love David Toms. I'm saying this as a consumer who already loves your pitchman: This ad campaign is horrible! Oh look, its David leaning against a stone wall.....(a hush falls upon the crowd) Ohhh wait, now its David swinging! oh damn. Get ready for this one....for the finale.....David will be.....hitting a drive!! Ohhh my goodness, that is real marketing people! That is how you market! Look at that golf babe staring dreamily as David pures another 250 yard drive. That is sex-y! Hide the women and children, we're selling golf apparel! Okay, but seriously, here's a look inside the marketing "war-room" at Oxford golf. "John, are you working on the new campaign." "Why yes, I am. I was thinking David Toms against a blue backdrop..." "I like it..." "Okay, and behind him we'll have a glistening ray of light!" "Oh you naughty boy..." "And the light will be glistening just so, so it appears like David is the messiah of golf and his 6-iron a powerful omnipresent scepter!!" "YES,YES!" And please take a moment to step inside the impressive stable of other Oxford Golf athletes consisting of a who's who of the international golfing elite: Brian Bateman and Roland Thatcher.........I'll pause for fact I'm done. Done and bored. Just like this ad campaign. You're better than that Oxford! (I even have a few of your shirts...)

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i love this site.. the kc is amazing!