Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tiger Woods is good at making babies...

(Photo courtesy of the Associated Press)

Tiger is a dad again. Charlie Axel Woods came into this world yesterday as one lucky SOB. Will Tiger be pissed if Sam Alexis turns out to be the golfer and Charlie turns out to be the model? That's the question on everyone's mind. We at the KC couldn't reach Tiger or Elin for comment. Now that Tiger has two kids, a truckload of majors and well on his way to 100 wins, I say the only thing left is to get the man some decent clothes. Doesn't Tiger hang with Federer? Didn't at one point Roger go, "Tiger you look like a fool out there in those pleats and gaucho belts buddy. And the whole red thing? That's oh so 1999. Haven't you heard it's monochrome....all the kiddies are doin it"

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