Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Banded Sleeves

(All photos courtesy of AP/John Lazar/Reed Saxon)

I don't think of banded sleeves when I think of a golf shirt, but lots of guys on tour wear shirts that have them. (see Luke and Rafael above) I wear Lacoste polos away from the course in the summer, but everytime I put one on for golf, it always feels wrong. The sleeves stay so far up your bicep, it feels kinda foolish to me. (Might just be my bashfulness over my pasty white upper arms after a winter in New York) As my perception continues to evolve as to what a traditional "golf shirt" embodies, I think I may get more used to seeing those 'gun hugger' polos, but for now I still enjoy a bit of room a la Phil in the photo above. I'm really liking Phil's shirts. I love the hidden button down collar and the trimmer fit. What do you guys prefer? A fuller cut sleeve or a banded polo a la Lacoste or Polo Ralph Lauren? (Polo Golf has fuller sleeves, RLX often tapers/ bands their sleeves to fit closer to the bicep - that more modern look) One thing that's great about alot of the better golf apparel manufacturers is that they offer both. JL makes the Tour fit polos that Camilo wears with a banded sleeve, but also offers different cuts that showcase the slightly fuller sleeve. Something to think about as you choose your Spring golf wardrobe.


Jack said...

Liking the Phil look.

Mats said...

Rafael looks like he just came from a Hobart frat party.